Current Events: Missing AirAsia Plane

Flight QZ8501 of AirAsia has recently went missing. A group of searchers have been searching for a long time to find the black boxes of the aircraft. This Monday, world divers have retrieved the AirAsia black boxes in the Java Sea, finding the two flight recorders from the flight. The aircraft was suspected to have exploded the minute it hit the surface of the water. Fortunately, the black boxes were still in perfect shape when they were found. However, searchers are still desperately searching for the cockpit voice recorder which will hopefully be found soon.

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Beach Invasion!

Many jellyfish-like sea creatures have been washing up on the shores of the West Coast beaches in America. These small purple sailboat-looking jellyfish-like creatures have been setting the beaches of Washington to California with a stench as they rot after being washed up to the shore. The scientific name for the creatures are the velella velella. These delicate small creatures usually float around in the ocean, occasionally getting pushed around in the ocean — by their sails.

However similar-looking the velella are to jellyfish, they are in fact not jellyfish but are actually made up of hundreds of organisms that are grouped together. They can be found anywhere in the world but are most commonly known in tropical or subtropical waters. Although these creatures aren’t expected in this time of the year, scientists have proven that it doesn’t mean that the oceans are in danger. It just means that these creatures have been pushed to the shores often by the weather.

However, these jellyfish are not harmful. Even so, scientists say that humans should not touch themselves after touching the velella. I predict that many humans will touch themselves after touching the velella, which might cause viruses or germs which come from the velella. Do you think these creatures will be a problem in the future?

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Photographer: Leslie

Current Events: ISIS

The world may seem like a perfect, safe and guarded environment. We get education from an environmentally friendly area with wonderful hospitality from teachers and other educators. We don’t feel the need to worry about anything. We have all the facilities we need: air-conditioned classrooms, safe facilities and high-quality technology. However, many people around the world don’t have a good environment to live in, unlike us. Some people listen to the sound of gunfire day by day. They spend days running for their lives, seeking freedom.

In Iraq, many families are facing this crisis. Many have ran away from their families to join a powerful, terrorist group called ISIS. ISIS is a terrorist group led by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. They have been recently controlling and taking over the northern side of Iraq. Iraqi families flee their homes, seeking for health care and safety. They escape from car windows at the sight of ISIS militants approaching. However, Britain is one of the few countries helping Yazidi refugees escape. The UK has been circling mountain tops with equipped helicopters searching for families waiting to escape. The UN Refugee Agency have announced that an estimated amount of 35,000 people have escaped from the mountains to Syria, a bordering country of Iraq. Even so, thousands of families are still seeking help from the dangerously powerful and horrifying terrorist group, ISIS.

I feel like people like us take many things for granted. We never realize how much we have compared to other families who are in a terrible crisis at this second. After hearing about this tragedy, I hope that we will stop taking things for granted and be grateful of the things we have in our lives. My heart goes out to all families in danger and I hope for them to be safe and find refugee somewhere outside of Iraq.

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Photographer: Jeremy Bender

Uniquely Human: Showing our Emotions

In class, we have been thinking about what makes us different from our closest relatives, the apes. My idea is that humans have particular ways to show our emotions, like crying. We each made a project about what makes us uniquely human.

I think crying and showing our emotions really separates us from the apes. Out of many different uniquely human traits, this is what I chose. To learn more, watch my video. :)

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My Middle School Metaphor

Above shows the middle school metaphor that I made. I said MS was like a packed amusement park because there are lots of people coming out and in from classrooms. Sometimes when I walk out of a class, I wonder what class I have to go to next. Similar to amusement parks where there are also lots of people and when I walk out of a ride, I look around and wonder which ride I will go on next.

Unscrambling Eggs

 This is a response to Mr. Perkins’ blog. Click here to read it.

“You can’t unscramble eggs.” -John Pierpont Morgan (1837-1913)

I think this quote is very meaningful and an excellent real-life example of the real meaning. My thinking of the definition of this quote is you can’t undo what you’ve already done. You can’t take back what you’ve already said. You can’t unscramble eggs when you’ve already scrambled them. Now, I realize why my mom always says think before you say. If you say something that hurts someone’s feelings, you can’t reel in what you said. Like something I found on the internet, life is no nintendo game. In video games, you can restart the game. In life, you can’t. You can’t restart your life. In video games, you have multiple lives. Now, you only have one. Sometimes, words just slip out but I think everyone should learn to control. It happens to me. I think it will happen to everyone at least once.

To handle it, I think you should just control it. Think before you say. Think if it would hurt someone’s feelings or not. Sometimes, you might say something as a joke but other people might not take it as a joke. Take sarcasm for example. Sarcastic people are always talking sarcasm. Other people don’t understand the point of sarcasm so they take it seriously. It might really hurt their feelings. So I think the best way to deal with it is to watch what you say. Just watch what you say and nothing will happen. Apologising doesn’t always work.

What are your thoughts about this quote? 😀