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Ethics Assignment 7

The article is about how people in Bangladesh are facing the problems of climate changes. By 2100 the sea levels are expected to rise by three feet. Climate change scientists say this is because the burning of fossil fuels Bangladesh contributes to 0.3 percent of the world’s carbon emissions. Bangladesh relies completely on ground water which causes the country to sink.

I think that countries like the U.S. do have a responsibility to do something there are many ways they can do this one of them is to increase the tax on energy from the power grid and that tax goes to a fund that would be given to countries in need but people with renewable energy sources don’t have to pay the tax. I think this is ethical only if the government is not corrupt but the problem is not giving money to people its the people that are giving money to help are the ones holding it back. Countries should also accept immigrants from countries that are endanger to floods and rising sea levels. It’s the rich country’s responsibility because they are the ones causing climate change.

Domino Effect

Violence is never a justifiable response to injustice, instead if there is injustice the correct way to deal with it is through peaceful method. In Ukraine people are physically fighting for their freedom, these acts of violence have almost cause a civil war. Using violence to solve injustice simply brings more injustice. For example, if one side uses violence then the other side will see that as ethically acceptable so they too will use violence. Gandhi said “An eye for an eye only makes the world blind.” A lot of protests that make news because they are violent, why? Because it’s unethical to use violence to fight injustice. “Peace can never be obtained through violence and peace cannot be achieved with violent views.” Thomas Real

I think I am more the person who waits for a little bit then eats it after maybe 10 minutes I think I am like that because before I do my homework I might spend a while procrastinating but when my self control comes and I start . I think I can improve self control for example the article said that was like a muscle and you could make it better.

I think that businesses have the right to contact the reviewer but it is the reviewers choice to give his or her name to the business. I also think that people have the right to not reveal their identities as Alex Goldman Said “Yelp could build a system where before a customer could leave a review, the business would have to issue a code that would then be entered into Yelp as proof that the customer had actually used its services. The business could even put the code on its receipts.”

They shouldn’t be monitored and supervised at first but if it starts to become a problem but if it starts to become a problem parents should slowly increase the supervision. The article says that teens spend an average of 7 hours on the internet I don’t think that the parents of the kids supervise them at all. I think that the kids that should be monitored are the kids that potentially would spend that much time on the computer. “I think some children have a greater maturity level and you don’t need to be quite as strict with them,” Says Risinger who runs a communications consulting firm.

Current Events Nov 6

This article is about how alcohol created civilizations.

You might think of alcohol as a drink that adults drink but some archeologist believe that alcohol is why humans started civilizations. Patrick McGovern who is an archeologist and one of the experts studying ancient alcoholic beverages has found evidence that people have been making alcoholic beverages since 9000 ya McGovern found pottery shards in Jiahu, China that had traces of tartaric acid which is a chemical found in alcoholic beverages. The ancient beverages where made by chewing rice grains then it would be mixed with honey, grapes and hawthorn fruit. McGovern found lots of sites like the one he found in China and all of the ones he found where there used to be towns and cities and there was a pattern where there was plants to make beer and wine there where major villages, towns and even cities. even though the all the pottery found with traces of tartaric acid was dated between 5000 B.C.E. to 9000 B.C.E. McGovern Still Believes that beer was the reason for humans creating civilizations.

I think that alcohol might be one of the reasons but not directly and i think that wheat was more important in human development and also I think that humans would be fine without alcoholic beverages.



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