Alexander wrote: GCW Reflection
During GCW, I had the privilege of attending the Elephant Nature Park. During the trip I learned a great deal about the treatment of elephants in the tourist industry in Thailand. For example, the pure barbarism that the elephants endure at an early (More)
Over the course the GCW i learned a lot of very key things. I picked the elephant nature park more out of a necessity to do a trip inside Thailand rather then an actual want to do actually help elephants or interact with them. However this completely (More)
Rachata wrote: GCW reflection (ENP)
During and before the trip, the elephant nature park have showed us documentaries on elephant abuses. Before the trip, I only know that people are starting to not support street elephant shows and riding elephants but I do not know why. After the tri (More)
I am strong believer in justice for all living things on our beautiful earth, not only for humans, but also for the animals who do not have a voice. I think that as the public awareness for the crises of war and poverty in the world rises, the issues (More)
Jack wrote: GCW - Reflection
Over the course of GCW I visited the elephant nature park in Chiang Mai, this experience was interesting as it gave insight into the thai culture regarding elephants. During the week we did several activities such as; feeding the elephants, washing t (More)
Elephant park is like heaven to people who love animals in general. There are about 2,000 animals at the park, including dogs, cats, elephants, water buffalos, and pigs. Out of all the animals, the service trip focuses on helping elephants in and out (More)
The Elephant Nature Park experience taught me many things and helped me grow. For one, it taught me that being a vegetarian is very difficult. The main experience I will take away from is the main lady that runs the park. Her story was amazing to me. (More)
My visit to the Elephant Nature Park in Chiangmai over all really touched me as someone who wants to help change things. I met Khun lek who inspired me to be generous, kind and patient when trying to make a difference. She reminded me of my mother. H (More)
On the first day we went to the Elephant Nature Park. On our way here we were shown a video with the purpose of spreading awareness on the abuse that domesticated elephants suffer. Once we arrived, we were shown another elephant video with the same (More)
            My GCW experience involved going to an elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai where previously abused elephants from the tourism and logging industry were taken in and cared for. Throughout my time there I met with multiple people who had (More)
Among the numerous things I have learned during my time at the Elephant Nature Park, the most profound and impactful learning was the extent to which an individual's work can make a change. Sangdeaun Lek Chailert (Khun Lek) is the founder of the Elep (More)