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1) What excites you the most about going to Middle School?

Okay this list is endless. Laptops, BETTER FOOD, over night field trips (AWESOME!!!) , lockers, and SO MUCH MORE! My brother keeps on telling me how fun middle school is and I will feel more mature. My parents will trust me more and I’ll get more freedom.

2) About what are you most worried in the transition to Middle School?

Detention, Saturday school etc. All the things everyone is afraid of. Power school too because my parents can see if I turned in my homework or I if was late to class. Getting lost would be my worry for the first few weeks but it wouldn’t be a year ling worry.

But overall I can’t wait to go to M.S. YEAAAAHHHH!!!!


I drew this for the book "Someone named Eva" because the main character Milada, is a very wishful person after she gets taken to the German Girls training center. She sometimes sneaks away to an old church near by and hopes that her family is alive and wants to be with them.


How did the impact cards change your situation as subsistence farmers?

Season 1:

Before the impact card, our village had enough yield units but after we got the impact card and it was a bad impact, our yields decreased and we had malnutrition.

Season 2:

Before the impact we had 470 yield units and that was we over how much units we need to not have malnutrition and the impact card was a positive impact not a negative one . But the season before we had malnutrition so we had to subtract a lot of units and we ended up with not enough units.

So both seasons we had malnutrition. The impact cards played a major role in our farming.

What do you think it would be like if this Farming for the Future simulation represented your own life, year in and year out?

I think it would be very difficult to live a life farming because you never know what is going to happen such a if a war breaks out or too much rain causes a flood; you never know. You have to plan very carefully and you need to know how to deal with problems. We can be positive impacts in our farming by learning about farming and things related to that.

Challenge Question:  What other sustainability issues are connected to the issue of food security?

Sustainability farming, fishing, raising livestocks etc. I think raising live stocks for food can be an issue sometimes for the environment. We need a lot of space for raising them and we sometimes need to deforest. That impacts the environment.

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In music class, we did the guitar recording on sound cloud again and this is my reflection on it.

I think this time my voice was more clear and i sounded more confident. My voice was more suited to this song but the chords were not the right ones for the song so the guitar part sounds quite all over the place.

I still need to improve the chord changes and have to get the right chords for the songs.

Here is my old song and my new song

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1. How did you feel when you were not able to survive the fishing game? (or) How did you feel when you were one of a few who was able to survive?

I had scavenge enough fishes from the other oceans to survive and at the end I felt accomplished. But I felt really bad for those who didn’t survive.

2. What happened when fishers from other oceans came to your ocean to fish?

Its was VERY crowded especially at the Arctic Ocean because they the most fish left and you had to fight hard to get a chance to be able to catch the fishes.

3. What ideas do you have for helping the fish industry to be “sustainable”?

As the technology became more advanced and luxurious, you didn’t have to work very hard to catch your fish and you got greedy because catching them was so easy. So in the 3rd season when the technology was more comfortable, we forgot about how many fish were left in the ocean to breed. When it is very hard to catch fish, you make plans on how to catch fish and still have enough fish to be sustainable. But when the technology advanced it became so easy to catch that we kept wanting more. So I suggest that we plan how much we take out of the ocean and stil have enough fish left to keep us going in the future. Oh yeah and also not be so greedy and keeping all the fish to ourselves.

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My historical fiction is about a pair of Polish twins named Aurelia and Lukasz who get separated, on September 1, 1939 when the Nazis unexpectedly invade their hometown of Warsaw. Lukasz is taken to the horrendous concentration camps and Aurelia and her family has to go in hiding. The concentration camps torture poor Lukasz and he feels like giving up. But after hearing Churchill’s speech about not giving up, he regains his motivation and strength to keep on surviving so he can see his family again. Meanwhile Aurelia is extremely anxious to hear from her brother. As the war gets worse and having to consistently move from one place to another, Aurelia is fed up of running from the Nazis. She is sick of seeing her family be in such a desperate state that she decides to take matters into her own hands. Knowing that she can get killed trying to attempt her dangerous plan, but Aurelia has no intentions of stopping. Lukasz’s and Aurelia’s struggles to survive against the Nazis are recorded in diary entries but some parts are narrated.