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Good Read Updates March 6, 2017

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Good Read Status Updates

My Poems March 6, 2017

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to my tears

and my cries


to my smile

and my joy


to my screams

and my fright


to my laugh


to my surprise,


to my sorrow

and anger

For all at once,

they will be gone.

No longer will

they be there

in your hold

for you

to listen to

all at once

if you just



Bearing the truth

and the


I poison without touching

and heal

without mending

I may never

be judged

by my size

Controlling people

from the poorest to the poor

and the

richest to the rich

I bear the thoughts,

the unspoken truths

and thought out


For I am the words

bearing the truth

and the


Shall I?

Shall I listen, to the screams

that echo off the walls

again and again

Shall I hide?

Hide from what i know

will soon be my reality

hide, from the pain

my mother is bearing

for me

Or shall, I fight

fight the screams

and fight the pain

or shall i

shall i,

just hide and listen

This, right now 

Right now,

I am falling

where am i falling to?

This, is where

This is where,

right now

I will land

Land how?

Land back up again

on my feet

no longer falling

I will land

in this place

right now.



English: Poem Recite February 15, 2017

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Poem & Analysis


Copy or type your poem(s) here:
Shall I?

By: Pleng K
Shall I listen?

To the screams

That echo off the walls

Again and Again
Shall I hide?

Hide from what I know

Will soon be my reality

Hide from the pain

My mother is bearing for me

Shall I fight?

Fight the screams

And fight the pain

Fight the man upstairs,

The cause of my fear

The cause of my pain

Who had said before

Long ago

That he was my protector

That he was my light

And that,

he loved me
Shall I Cover my ears,

With my small bony hands

Trying to block out the horrendous sound

From upstairs

Shall I fight

Through the dark gloomy alley,

Where my destiny will lie

Shall I fight

the pain,

Shall I fight

The fear
Or shall I,

Just hide and Listen

Provide a text reference where TONE is expressed and explain:
The tone in this poem expressed is fearful,hopelessness and confusion. For example, the person in the poem doesn’t know what to do, should they just hide and listen or should they actually fight the cause instead of just being protected from harm. She/he is to fearful to fight and confused if they should or not. This poem conveys hopelessness because the person in the poem may just never figure out what to do and instead just hide from the pain and fear instead of fighting it before its his/her turn.
Provide a text reference where MOOD is expressed and explain:
The mood in this poem is suspenseful and weak For example, it is suspenseful because you will never know if at the end he will fight the pain or will he just listen and hide.The mood makes the readers feel weak because they feel as if they don’t have any power over the actions they choose to make, and that instead of fighting they might just have to hide.
Provide text references where at least TWO POETIC DEVICES is used and explain:
Anaphora: I repeated “ Shall I” over and over again throughout my poem

Hyperbole: “Trying to block out the horrendous sound”


Copy or type your poem(s) here:

By: Pleng K
Bearing the truth

And the lies

I may never

Be judged

By my size

I bear the thoughts

You see

The unspoken truths

And the thought out


I poison without touching

And heal

Without mending

For I am the words

Bearing the truths

And the lies.

Provide a text reference where TONE is expressed and explain:
The tone in this poem is questioning and suspicious because it questions the way words spoken or written down can cause such harm and harmony towards many things and that we are just realizing now about how powerful they really are. It is suspicious because it can posin with touching and heal without mending which lives this poem to be very suspicious
Provide a text reference where MOOD is expressed and explain:
The mood in this poem is thoughtful and suspenseful because it makes you think about the way you use your words and exactly how powerful they could be. It is suspenseful in a way because you don’t know which direction it could meaning of how you don’t know what words could do when you use them and that is what this poem is conveying.
Provide text references where at least TWO POETIC DEVICES is used and explain:
Onomatopoeia: And heal, Without mending

Refrain: Bearing the truths, And the lies. Is repeated in the beginning and the end

6th Grade September 10, 2015

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I can’t believe that I am now a middle school student starting my 8th year in ISB, all of a sudden I was back in Pre K learning my alphabets and numbers, and here I am now learning about Organelles and Algebra.
I have to admit that starting the 6th grade wasint as easy as I thought it would be, with all of the huge differences from elementary. Like lockers, friends, different classes and teachers and of course more responsibility and homework. I’m really going to try to capture all of the moments that will happen this year. For in a blink of an eye, I could be starting high school.is

Rainbow House May 27, 2015

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Yesterday, my class went to rainbow house. It is a daycare where kids and adults who have disability’s stay at, some of them would have cognitive, mental and physical disability’s. But they would all be treated the same here in rainbow house. At first when I was there, and saw all the people with there disability’s. I felt really sad for them, I wasint scared to interact with them though. I just felt really bad for them. I helped the adults most of the time and they were all in wheel chairs, except for one that would stroll one of the adults around. But even that guy had a disability, his nose top part was flat and he was kind of short for his age. I helped them paint, play, laugh and eat to. One of them was badly paralyzed so that he could only use 2 of his fingers to hold, and touch things. A lot of the men in wheelchairs lost part of there legs or feet. I realized that a lot of the adults and kids sometimes didn’t paint or play with the play dough. They would just touch it all, the sponges and paint, they would learn from the feeling and touch. That’s why, when this kid grabbed onto me and started to pull and touch my shirt. I was some what uncomfortable but I  also understood why. I felt really successful after we had left Rainbow House, because I had made the people there laugh and smile. That’s how I would measure the success in this trip.  I learned that lots of people have to coup with so many different kinds of adversity, even if they don’t choose to. Its not fair to them that they have to be like this, but like in every situation of adversity. You have to fight and always be strong. I know that Nichida and ISB is a kind of like a bubble, it isint the real world. The real world isint always safe and this easy going, I am very lucky to have a very safe and clean neighborhood. It is important to sometimes leave this bubble, so that when I actually do leave the bubble,  I will be able to  have already seen what the real world will be like.IMG_0772 (2)

7 Billion People February 26, 2015

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7 billion people in the world is a lot to think about. What is more to think about is that the 7 billion people in our world today are living all differently. 13% of us don’t have clean water to drink, 38% of us don’t have adequate sanitation, and a lot of people in our world don’t have a roof on top of there heads or food put down on there table.
OK, since 7 billion people is a lot to think about, lets round up 7 billion into 100 people but with the same proportion. If right now you have a bed a closet, bathroom, shower,food,water and a roof to cover you. You would be one of the 32 wealthiest people on earth out of 100 people. Kind of strange to think about isint it? So what about the 68 people? What are there lives like? And how are you affecting, or helping, those 68 people?

Who is Perfect? February 23, 2015

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When you see a mannequin or someone modeling clothes on a magazine. Most people would think why am I not as pretty as she or he is, why cant I be in perfect shape just like them. But the truth is, your shape and body is just the way it should be. Not perfect. What if every magazine model or mannequin was ugly or disabled, would you still buy what they were trying to sell. This video I watched with my mom shows you that no one in the world is perfect. Because that’s just who you are.

What’s your Passion? February 13, 2015

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When our second semester started, Miss Ekstran showed us this video about a 14 year old boy who has a deep passion for climbing. What Miss Ekstarn was trying to get out of this video was how could we think more about what kind student,person or family member we would like to be. The passions we have in our lives we want to reach out to or grow stronger in. What kind of things make us,us. Then we revised our goals and habits from the first semester of school, we added things to other peoples list on what we think they are good at to. You can watch this video in many different perspectives, because this boy named Kai. Is a kind of person who wont give up until he has reached his limit, and the best part is, there is no limit for him that is to hard.

A Heros Journey February 12, 2015

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What dose it take to become a hero? What are the thoughts, feelings and character traits a hero should have? Well let me just tell you this, there is a hero somewhere, in everyone. In our writing unit, we have been told to write a realistic fantasy story. What I mean by that is, our stories must be fantastical but don’t make it to fantastical or it wouldn’t be very realistic. Your story would just keep on going and going. There are many ways to set the hero’s path or lets call it a journey. Every one know that there must be a beginning to a story, or a call to a hero or why she or he must go on this adventure. Next this hero goes on some kind of adventure. Then, the hero meets a problem or something or someone stands in there way of the hero’s path. The hero starts to slowly overcome this problem and at the end of his journey. The hero then changes the environment of the world he was familiar with. But there’s much more to the hero’s journey. Watch this clip and see only one of the ways a hero’s journey can go.

International Day November 22, 2014

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2099990082_7d730c1a37On Photo Credit: danorbit. via Compfight cc Friday it was international day for ISB. Its where you can dress up, in your home country traditional outfit and go to school in it. There’s also a country in a class for every grade. For example, in Mr.Greenwood’s class, it was Thailand. For miss Herdricks class, it was America. And we would get to do activities in the classrooms we would rotate. Thailand’s theme was Maui Thai, in the classroom there were 3 professional Maui Thai boxers teaching us how to box. Uncle J said that Maui Thai is taught because of defense. And that these are the steps to win a fight. 1.you need love form the heart. 2. concentrate by using your brain. 3. you need some kind of mussels and strength. Next when we came to the American room, it was themed the “Wild West” we got to throw horse shoes and dunk for apples. I was wearing my hair in a high bun. And some kind of cloth for pants and top, it was Thai costume. When I went dunking, I got my hair all wet and I was the only one who didint  get an apple on the first try! We also did a “gun fight” with actually marshmallows and shooters! Of course I won. But it was really fun, I was the cowboy and I had to go to jail after my crimes. Next we went to Mexico. There theme was “The day of the Dead” We decorated skull masks and put them on. I took a picture with my friend Kaylee, we both looked so weird! After that we got a white chocolate skull for a little treat. After Mexico we went to Scandinavia. Denmark, Sweden and Norway. We learned about the vikings and of course, how the three countries got together. After that, we got separated in to 5 groups, the first station was potato racing. We had to balance a potato on a spoon and race the other team, without the potato falling. P.s it’s easier than its sounds. The four other stations were: Arm Wresting, Scandinavian games (tick-tack-toe with these special pond things) There were so many activity’s and cool rooms. I learned so much, and had a lot of fun doing it.