My thoughts on the world and my learning

Top 5 Books I Want To Read In The Summer

1. Percy Jackson And The Lighting Theif By Rick Riorden

2. Super Human By Michael Carrol

3. Dragon Rider By Cornelia Funke

4. Alex Rider By Anthony Horowitz

5. Big Nate Makes The Grade By Lincoln Peirce

Top Five Books I recomend

1. The Hunger Games By Suzzane Collins 

Summary:  Join Katniss a girl who isn’t scared into the world’s most torture for all children, the hunger games.  The rules are simple. Kill or be killed.  It’s up to Katniss to find a way to save her life and win the game.  Remember winning makes you famous but losing means certain death. 

2.  Charlie Joe Jackson guide not reading. By Tommy Greenward

Summary:  Join Charlie Joe to his exciting tips in his way to show how you don’t want to read.  Will Charlie be able to not read? Or will his parents or teachers stop him.

3. Charlie Joe Jackson guide to extra credits.  By Tommy Greenward

Summary: Charlie Joe is back!  However, there’s a bigger threat now!  Charlie has to get all A’s on his classes that takes extra credit.  However, he’s drama class only gives out extra credits if you the the school play.  Can Charlie be able to have the guts to sign up for the play and will get the extra credits?  Or will he not and will be send to camp read-a-bookie!

4. Kidnapped! By Jordan Korman.

Summary:  Meg Falconer a young girl has been taken by 3 people!  Meanwhile Aiden is on the search for her.  Her parents are worried that this problem has to do with their past.  However, all they want is a ransom.  Can Aiden be able to find his beloved sister or pay the ransom.  Or will he find his sister or they are tired of waiting because having her kidnap does not mean keeping her!

5. Gangster Granny By David Williams

Summary:  A young boy who thinks his grandma is a boring person who loves tea.  However, he saw some very expensive diamonds in her house.  Later he sees his grandma smashing a window to get some jewels and find out that she’s a theif!  However the boy loves what his grandma is doing and attepts to join her.  Now it’s up to them to steal something precious to the queen!



My Carbon Footprint!

Hi there.  I know you would be questioning on “What is a carbon footprint?”  Well a carbon footprint is how you show on how much do you hurt the world.  Our class had a test to see how much is our carbon foot print.  When I got my carbon footprint I was shock!  I mean look!:


I am over than a average person.  I figured a way to stop myself.  It is by saving the lights and  electricity.  I would do it by at morning the only light shining would be the sun.  When night time I would turn a small light just like a night light.  I guess it can work.

Tennis Games!

Hi there.  You know that on the following Sunday. I am going back to the tennis tornamentI will try to beat the middle school stuedent.  I hope I can do it.  So let the games begin! 

Almost Summer!

Hi guys guest what?  It’s almost summer vacation. I mean almost freedom!  Also I could not wait for “Middle School.”  Now then count down with me!





My Bridge Day Partner!

My Partner


Dedicated to my partner Land

He’s a boy with cool hands

And his name is Land.

He’s funny and strong

Being with him, what can go wrong?

He bought me a cookie so he’s a great boy

Because he so nice he brings in joy!

He’s so random

he thinks lunch is freedom.

He’s not so busy

but he’s so fuzzy.

He likes some teachers

He mostly gets better.

He’s so awesome and he’s easy to hear

I am hoping to see him next year.

Bridge Day! Awesomness!

Are you a fifth grader? If so did you ever had something like bridge day?  Bridge day is a day when you can be taken and see the daily life of a middle school student.  Obviously we had it today.  For us fifth graders we got to relaxed and enjoy the fun games the teacher gave us while our 6th grade partners have to sit on the floor miserable and having to learn.  Bridge day was spectacular! (well for us fifth graders).  Like I said the games are super fun and the way how they show how to open their lockers.  However, the worlds greatest thing that happen there was the lunch.  The middle school lunch is 10000000000…. times better than the elementary lunch.  I mean you can get frozen yogurt or smoothies and all we elementary students get is fake pizza!!  I am completely excited of middle school expect for two things.  One is I am worried about getting lost or even tardies or worst homework!!!  Two is when we go to middle school and will have to do the bridge day we will be miserable.  However I hope I have a great time.