Historical Fiction Writing Piece


Reflection on doing my Historical Fiction Writing Piece:

The time period in my story is during WW2. The pearl harbor attack is one of the main parts of the story. I wrote this imaginary story because I didn’t like how the part of the pearl harbor attack was in the story. I changed that part in the story so it would be more interesting. I wanted to create a story from Billy’s point of view so I made my story about how friendship can mean a lot. I hope you enjoy my story because I really enjoyed writing it!

Introduction to my story

Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, 1941

I watched from the side of the pavement as Tomi was getting taken away. After all these years of being his friend, this would be the last time I would ever see him again. I wondered what they were gonna do to him. Beat him? Lock him up? Do things that I don’t even want to imagine? I couldn’t stand the feeling knowing that I would never be able to play baseball with him ever again. I was about to, and going to lose my best friend.

As the truck drove away I caught a glimpse of Tomi’s face. Even though I couldn’t exactly see him through the dark glass windows I could tell he was terrified. I felt so bad for him knowing about the terrible things they did at those internment camps. Tomi hadn’t even done anything.

The Japanese had bomb Pearl Harbour. All the Japanese – Americans in Hawaii were forced to leave their homes and were forced to go to internment camps. All the innocent Japanese people like Tomi had to go also. The soldiers didn’t want to take any risks so they had to take all the Japanese people in the country.

I watched the Truck until it was out of my sight and walked back to my house. Everything felt so lonely and different. Even though Tomi had just left a few minutes ago I already started to feel really lonely. Tomi really was a true friend to me. He was the only one that truly understood me and accepted me for the way I was. I was going to miss him a lot.

You can read the rest of my writing piece by click here


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My original poem



As life comes to an end,

  We start to regret.

We regret the things we did not do,

We regret the things we should have done.

We always look at the bad end of the sidewalk.

Where the path is uneven.

That one silly mistake, makes us regret forever.

We always regret but never appreciate.

We never appreciate the good things in life,

We never appreciate how lucky we are.

Maybe one day when you are tired of regretting, start to appreciate.

Appreciate that you have a home to live in.

Appreciate that you have clean food and water.

You have everything except for one very important thing


As you live your last minutes of your life, would you want to regret or appreciate?

Reflection on poem

I got this idea from watching a youtube video about regretting. I thought to myself ‘Why do people always regret? Why don’t they ever appreciate?” And them BOOM! My poem had been born. Regret came to me because I always hear people reggreting, so I thought to myself why do people always regret? Why don’t they ever aprreciate things. This is how I got my idea for this poem. In this poem I used alot of repitition in this poem and there was alot of rythm.

The tone of my poem is making a change, appreciating instead of regretting.


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Book Review

bookReflection of doing the review:I chose this book becuase the conflict is very clear in this book. This book is one of my favorite books and I think everyone would enjoy a thriller like this one. The draft work on my review was easy. I learnt that when you write reviews, you shouldn’t just explain about the story, you have to give your own opinion too. I also learnt that you have to slowly build up to the problem, you can’t just state the problem in the first paragraph.

Introduction to my review:  Imagine you were taken out of your bedroom at midnight by a stranger that had a very scary face. How would you react? In this autobiography,  Elizabeth Smart tells a story about the horrific 8 months of her life. She was taken out of her bedroom when everybody was asleep. Even her own sister who was sleeping with her, was asleep. When Elizabeth was taken out of her bedroom she was just thirteen years old! Imagine how scary it was to get taken out of your own bedroom! Elizabeth thought the safest plarce in the world was her own bedroom but according to what happened she probably changed her mind about that thought.

You can read the rest of my book review here .

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Rainbow House Reflection

On Thursday we went to Rainbow House. Rainbow House is a place where there are disabled kids. My partner was named Ploy, I don’t really know what disability she has but I do know that she has a lazy eye. Me and Ploy did sponge painting, Ploy didn’t know how to hold the paintbrush so she held the other end. She also didn’t know how to paint. I tried to teach her how to paint but instead of painting on the paper, she painted on her forehead. I had to take a tissue and wipe it off for her. Next it was snack time. Everybody was supposed to bring a fruit, Pineapple, Watermelon, Banana or Papaya. Ploy ate everything, she wasn’t a picky eater which was good. I really enjoyed Rainbow House, I hope we can go there again.Screen Shot 2558-05-29 at 9.57.48 AM



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My First Guitar Soundcloud

Good Things:

1.I sang ok

2. I didn’t mess up on the guitar


Bad Things:

1.I could of sang louder

2.I could of started singing faster

here is my soundcloud


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The G5 Field Trip To Chantanburi

At the Field Trip to Chantanaburi what i liked most was kayaking. I liked kayaking because we got t0 go on water and row the kayak.

The second thing I liked most was feeding the sharks turtles and other fishes. I liked it because we got to squeeze the guts out of the fishes it was fun because it was gross and squishy.

The third thing I liked the most was the campfire we got to watch people perform dances


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Music COL Reflection

At the Music COL what went well was that everybody did what they were supposed to do. What could have been better was that the boys could’ve sang more loudly when we were doing the ploy dance. Peru was different from Ghana cuz in Peru you sang more quietly and in Ghana you sang more loudly. I liked the falcons the most cuz they were the most fun. There song was “Shiki Shiki Ba Ba”. Peeps make music cuz they enjoy it or whatever.

G5 Music COL

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My Book Recommendation

I think everyone should read Wonder.

I think this because wonder is a really meaning full book.

Wonder is a book about a boy named August who is in the 5th grade and is deformed.

He had never been to school before but this year he was going to school.

He gets bullied by a lot of kids .

Read this book called Wonder to find out more


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My Fav Peace Quote ✌️

Peace is a journey of a thousand miles and it must be taken one step at a time.

Lyndon B. Johnson

This is my favorite peace quote because it is meaning full and emotional.

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3 things I enjoyed in School

1.I enjoyed doing the art and posters.

2. I enjoyed learning new things.

3. I enjoy helping new kids out.


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