After living in Thailand for 15 years, I was able to experience the culture in a new light. Being exposed to a new culture in a region I had never been to before was helpful in gaining insight and perspective on the different customs within Thailand. Firstly, a major shock to the entire group was the campus and education system within the school. We witnessed a school far inferior to our own, with an education system that barely seemed sufficient. In helping to construct another building for the school, our entire group was able to see the benefits as the school was in obvious need of a reformed campus. However, when helping out with the children in the classroom, our group experienced much frustration as it seemed as if the simple lesions we were teaching the children was not sufficient and what was needed was a much larger reform of the system. However, throughout the course of the week, I felt that we provided for the children to the best of our capabilities. While it was not possible for our school group to transform the education at the school, or even the entire hill tribe education system, we were able […]

I never knew that one week on a school trip would have created such a great effect on my life. GCW Maekok has helped me understand deeper about my home country. Not only did it bring more knowledge to me about Thailand, but I had the chance to get to make friends with people whom I rarely see at school. I am grateful for this experience because it has taught me that there are so many less fortunate people in our world who have much greater needs than we do. This trip did not only teach me that they need our help to improve the children’s learning environment, but I learned that the children in the village wanted love and care from us. As the days progressed, I was able to connect deeper with the kids at the school. I discovered many talents hidden inside them and many different personalities. Although the kids lived in the same community, they were very unique in their own ways. Some of them could speak four languages and others could play soccer very well. It was great to interact with the children directly instead of only helping them by donating money. I believe that when […]

GCW Course Final Reflections

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