Reflection 2012

During the Global Citizenship Week, I participated in the Maekok River Trip along with Mr. Bentley, Ms. Barclay and students of the same class. There, we worked on the community service project that has been running for the past five years. We not only helped build a stage for a local school, but also created […]

The trip to Maekok was an amazing experience that took my fears to the next level. As being put in spot as a teacher we had the opportunity to teach first graders to fifth graders. The school that we taught in was called Mae Salak, which is a school that was located in the center […]

As a Thai citizen that one lived in Thailand for 3 years, this is the first time I visited Maekok. To be honest I don’t even what Maekok was at first or in other words, never heard of it. I never expect the place to teach the way I look at people because of how […]

There are many things that I experienced from the global citizenship week trip. Although it was a rough week for all of the people that went to the Maekok River Village to help out some little kids, overall I think I had a lot of fun meeting new people and trying out new things. I […]

This trip was another memorable one for me. Going there, I did not expect to gain a lot other than experiences relating to community service. Though what I gained was a lot more than that. First, doing the construction works such as ‘demolishing’ walls, helping each other carrying the sand and painting walls, taught me […]

On my arrival upon the Maesalak School in a rural area of Chiang Mai, I remembered making slight comparisons between the school that those children –assembled from diverse hill tribe villages –go to, and the prestigious school that I am privileged to have the chance to go to. The classrooms, the chalkboards, the toilets, to […]

This year’s Global Citizen Week to Maekok River Village in Chiang Rai has been an unforgettable experience. Arriving at my third GCW with all my closest friend, I expected the trip to be flawless. We all longed for an excitement; a better chance to bond with one another, and to finally experience a homework free […]

The experiences I had come upon in Maekok not only helped me me grow as an individual but also as a global citizen. This year GCW trip, I went to Maekok, up north of Thailand. We spent a lot of time teaching at a local school and we also went to visit a local tribe. By […]

This year’s GCW, I went to Chiang Mai, which is in the Northern part of Thailand. There were 20 students and two teachers on the trip. On Saturday, we flew from Bangkok to Chiang Rai, as Chiang Rai’s airport is closer to the place we’d be staying at. We then travelled by van to Maekok, […]

This year’s GCW was a trip to the Chiang Mai region of Northern Thailand. As a group of 20 students and two teachers, we flew from Bangkok to Chiang Rai airport and traveled northeast in a van to Maekok. We stayed at the Maekok River Village Resort for a whole week during which we performed […]

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