The main lesson that I had learnt from spending my Global Citizenship Week at the Maekok Village would be that: Being born as a ‘member’ of the Thai society does not translate into being ‘exposed’ to all the aspects of the society that you are a part of. There are still many parts of the society that still needs help that you are unaware of, and we could be the ones to help them.

Despite the length of the trip being a short period of time, I have gained a lot from it; the amount of experiences that I had acquired, and the knowledge I had learned from this trip could not be characterized by the amount of time that I had spent there. I was exposed to another culture within the Thai society, something I was previously ignorant to; but more importantly, I have gained experiences, experiences that rarely presents itself, and I would not had have these experiences without this trip.

This activity made me realized that one of the main goals of a society, giving educational opportunities to all the people, could actually be accomplished in a short period of time if effort is put into doing so. This GCW trip had also given me the prospect of first-handedly experiencing how simply education can be provided to a group of children, and that professionals are not the only ones who can provide educational opportunities to these children; anyone could do it, even you and me. We do not have to teach them anything that extremely complex or hard; just by teaching them something that they did not know and skills that they could apply to their lives could also contribute to improving their lives.

This week had made me grow as an individual, as I played and spent time with these children, I realize that just a week of teaching English could have a positive impact on a community, and make a difference in many lives. Even if the children forget the words we had taught them, at least we had exposed the new ideas to them. They might not remember the specific words or subjects that we had taught them, but at the very least we might have provided them with an incentive to seek new educational opportunities in the near future, and had brought the children joy.

This group is only one group of children out of thousands that do not have access to a decent education, thus actions must be made to improve this flaw of our society. I know that one may think that we as individuals are not capable of making a difference in the society. We all want to see huge improvements and sudden changes, ones that advance the whole society; but if everyone thinks that their contribution would not make a difference, who would be the initiator of those ‘huge improvements’ and ‘sudden changes’? Hence, one should consider themselves as individuals who are doing good deeds that are essentially the smaller steps that contribute to the bigger goal.


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