During the Global Citizenship Week, I participated in the Maekok River Trip along with Mr. Bentley, Ms. Barclay and students of the same class. There, we worked on the community service project that has been running for the past five years. We not only helped build a stage for a local school, but also created our own lessons for the students in the school. We were separated into groups of three to teach class by class each day. The students at the local school could barely speak any English. Therefore, we mainly focused on teaching them basic English grammar and vocabulary. Before this trip, I had many experiences on teaching students in school located in Northern part of Thailand. However, a lot of schools I have been to, the students were able to speak mandarin, which is my native language. This is different from this school that consists of mainly Thai students. At first, it was a challenge for me to test their English skills with hardly any communication. Luckily that there was a native Thai speaker in my group, so we started off by speaking them in Thai. This was very effective since the students were very shy at first, but after we have introduced ourselves in Thai the students felt more confident on speaking out loud back to us. From this, I have realized and learned that although I have had many experiences in teaching younger students, I still have many lessons to learn. Communication with the students could be a big issue if our languages are different. Furthermore, every night of the week, we participated in different night activities which mainly focused on teamwork and team spirit. One night in particular was very interesting and memorable. We were brought to a ropes course that was quite difficult. At first, nobody was willing to even give it a try since there was a big chance of falling into the water. I still remember what the teacher said, “You all are definitely afraid of this course at this moment, but I guarantee you that once you have tried it, you will do it more than once.” I did not believe him until it was my turn to give it a try. At that moment, I did not want to get wet but I still had to try it. Although the whole course took me a long time to complete, but it was definitely true that after trying it, I still wanted to do it again. From this activity, I learned another lesson. Even though I have heard many times that it is always better to give things a try rather than just avoiding it. But this time was my first time feeling how much of a difference it would make to try things. Overall, this trip ended up different than I expected it to be. From similar activities that I have done before, I still had many new experiences I have never had before. The most important thing is I also had a lot of fun.

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