The trip to Maekok was an amazing experience that took my fears to the next level. As being put in spot as a teacher we had the opportunity to teach first graders to fifth graders. The school that we taught in was called Mae Salak, which is a school that was located in the center of an area were kids from different hill tribes can travel down to learn. Each grade level was a different challenge to teach. When teaching the first graders it was challenging due to the fact that they wouldn’t listen and just climb all over you. But than as we moved up the grade levels it got easier to teach them due to the maturity level. After teaching the kids we had the opportunity to play soccer with them, some of them were really good and made it a challenge for us. We did this for 3 days and one day I accidently fell on top of a boy. I felt so bad when the accident occurred because as me being 6 feet and the little one being 5 feet. When teaching the kids English it was a surprise due to the fact that most of the kids were able to pronounce some of words in the topic that we me taught. The topic that we taught was body parts and another topic we chose was family. The kids were able to sing the song head shoulders knees and toes with no help from us as we walked into the class. Apart from teaching the kids, we helped build a multipurpose building that can be used for school actives and for the villages meeting area.  As everyday outside working on the area was a challenge due to that everyone working there hardest just to try and finish it. It was amazing to see how everyone cooperated together in making a pattern in dumping the sand and cement. When the stage was done, we had the opportunity to paint the building. When the last layer of paint was put on we had the chance to paint a symbol that would help represent the school. The symbol that we chose was a tree and we wrote inspirational quotes around it from great idols. Other than building and teaching we had the chance to do team games at the resort and obstacle courses. The obstacle course that was the most challenging was being able to go through a set of stages that caused us to challenge our self. The course was called “The Confidence Course.” On the last day the kids did a nice presentation of different types of dances. It was a way for them to say thank you to us. Overall the trip was a good experience for students put their positions as teachers and overcoming their fears.


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