As a Thai citizen that one lived in Thailand for 3 years, this is the first time I visited Maekok. To be honest I don’t even what Maekok was at first or in other words, never heard of it. I never expect the place to teach the way I look at people because of how the village people live. The community was so far from the main city of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai It’s located in the mountains, not maybe people recognized it and this is why I think the government does not recognized it’s own issues. Spending time in Maekok with the villagers, I see the main global issues that firstly appear are poverty and access to education.

Poverty may not be the huge global issue for the villagers because as part of their culture they live a sustainable life so the houses they live in is made with natural things such as bamboo tress that can be found in the forest. However I feel that poverty leads into health and hygienic issues. As I was walking around the villages on our morning hiking trip on Wednesday, I saw many rubbishes lying around the houses or basically everywhere in the villages. It may seem normal for the villagers animal’s waste lying around the ground and just wait for it to dry then it turns into fertilizer but in my opinion the animal’s waste should be scrapped off to one place and leave it in a specific place for it to dry off and made into fertilizer. Also there should be rubbish bins around the village so the tourists and the villagers can throw rubbish in the bins so it does not lie around the village. This should be improved to help the health and hygiene problems in the villages. I understand that the government and volunteers are trying their best to help improve education for the villagers and the people there. However as I still heard from the education center that some village children couldn’t be enroll to the school because they do no speak Thai. Since the villager’s culture and background allows them to speak Mandarin, their own village language and many languages. They should still know how to speak Thai too as they are living in Thailand. Therefore, I think that the government to allow trainers or university students who studies to be teachers should intern as a teacher in the villages to teach the village children to speak Thai and have access to the language.

By going to this trip, I have learned that being hardworking is the most important thing that one should capture in our lives to achieve what we want. In order for the villagers to get water, they have walk down the mountain then walk back up carrying 2 liters of water. I respect how hard they have to work just to get water for their family. Also for them to have a certain amount of electricity, they have to go down the mountain to charge the car charger (which they use fas a electricity plug), and come back up for the family to watch television and have lights. After hearing all of this, I realized how easy my life is compared to the villagers and I hardly have work as hard just to get something that is handed to me in one second such as water. Therefore, I want to finished up that I it does not matter where you are from, who you are, how you are brought up; the only thing that matters is how you treat your opportunities that are given to you and the amount of hard work you put into achieve something you want. This is someone who is likely going to achieve his or her goals in life.

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