There are many things that I experienced from the global citizenship week trip. Although it was a rough week for all of the people that went to the Maekok River Village to help out some little kids, overall I think I had a lot of fun meeting new people and trying out new things. I first went to this trip thinking that it would be a relaxing trip for the students. I was wrong. It was pretty rigorous in that we had a tight schedule everyday to either do community service or activities prepared for us.

For the community service part, I learned that there were many kids that were in the need for a contact with people who can actually speak fluent English. We gave the children in the trip an opportunity to talk with people who have been exposed to English for many years in their lives. I think that this may have helped the children in the school to understand the behaviors of strangers that come from outside of their region.

I also learned that my culture is pretty different from the culture of the people we visited. I was raised in an urban area my whole life so I would not know how living in the rural parts of the world would feel like. I still think that I am lacking the experience of living in different places, but this trip made me realize that there are other regions in the world that I need to acknowledge.

I learned many things about myself. I thought I would be a lazy person. But I think I have done a lot of work on my part. I realized that I continued to give my service to those in need until I truly got tired. Although it may not seem like much, I believe I attended to the small details of the construction of the building, whether it is moving material out of the ways so that people can pass through without harm or inconveniences. Also I learned that my art is somewhat useful. I was surprised when people said that I can draw well, so I used this new gained revelation to help out on the after works of the construction.

I think matured as the week progressed on. There were stressful events to many people in the trip but I think that people held it together till the end by knowing their responsibilities to the group. I grew to be more flexible in my actions and thoughts because sometimes they wouldn’t match up to what the other people thought.

The experience from this trip was something completely unexpected. Similar to this trip, I went to Vietnam last year to teach little kids and build a structure for the school. I think that wherever I go, there will be a new experience waiting to be discovered.

It was challenging to keep together my thoughts for the whole week because a lot of things were going on. I was not particularly informed on many things because of my habit of floating off to some imaginary land as someone speaks on something important. However, everything that I experienced in this trip allowed me to realize many important things and this made it the most rewarding part of the trip.

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