This trip was another memorable one for me. Going there, I did not expect to gain a lot other than experiences relating to community service. Though what I gained was a lot more than that.

First, doing the construction works such as ‘demolishing’ walls, helping each other carrying the sand and painting walls, taught me something more than just construction. I have learned how hard it was for construction workers to do their job. Being in their shoes even if it was just a small part of it made me appreciate things in life more. I now appreciate all their hard work and effort, which they have put into each block and each site they have built. Also from teaching the children, I have realized how difficult it is for teachers to be able to actually teach. Trying to get all the students to listen and to participate was the most challenging part for me. It was almost beyond my ability as being in the position of a ‘teacher’ was not an easy thing to accomplish even though. I have to say that teaching children was both physical and mental challenges for me though I did manage to get them to by adapting my lesson plans around according to the situation faced. I never realized how tiring teaching was and this made me really appreciate all the teachers’ effort in teaching us. I also learned how important school facilities such as building of the multi-purpose building that we built and education are. Without these things, children would not be able to learn, experience and see new things. It is opening the children’s eyes to a new perspective of life, which is one of the factors that will allow them to progress in life improving themselves, their families and their community.

Not only did I learn new experiences inside of the building sites and in classrooms, I also learned from spending time with the children outside. Seeing them filled with happiness enjoying themselves without things that we take for granted, such as nice clothes, shoes and homes, stressed the fact that I am fortunate to have what I have in life even more from experiencing it first hand. Thus, as a result, I can say that I have grown into a better and more mature citizen of the world from this course, which was both unexpectedly better and worse than I expected. This is because I got the opportunities to do things that I would not have had a chance in Bangkok such as teaching hill tribe children and rafting in the Maekok River. And From facing challenging events with all my friends, I have developed an even tighter relationship with all my friends whom I have lost some connection from all of the academic chaos at school. And all the things that I have gained from this trip that I have already mentioned are the most rewarding things for me. The trip was basically a break of reality at school allowing me to further truly develop myself as a “world citizen”.

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