This year’s Global Citizen Week to Maekok River Village in Chiang Rai has been an unforgettable experience. Arriving at my third GCW with all my closest friend, I expected the trip to be flawless. We all longed for an excitement; a better chance to bond with one another, and to finally experience a homework free week! However, little did we know then, that our wishes were already granted.

GCW Maekok River Village was a trip for educational and recreational purposes. It is considered one of those “all-in-one community service” package trips. All the students were given the opportunity to be able to partake in a variety of community services, this included: teaching students, building schools, and painting walls. The teaching experience was a priceless one. From that, I have first-handedly and truly learnt the meaning of the expression “as little as one can change the world”. Initially, beginning in a different culture was somewhat intimidating. However, after some ice-breakers with the students, it would be fair to say that our lesson plans were successful. It was effective, and we bonded with the kids as if we had known each other forever. The happiness that reflected off of their eyes, and their excitement to have us on their campus told that we were doing a great job.

Apart from all the hard work and effort every single one of us had put into improving Maesalak School, the other activities we were engaged in were in the same was just as memorable. These activities included; team building, hiking and the confidence course. We of course, like in every other trip, did experience some rough moments, be it mentally or culturally. However we managed to pass through together as friends. After the trip ended, I feel like me and my friends are so much closer, and I truly hope that this affiliation between us will never end wherever we are in this world.

As a representative of ISB and as a Thai native, I feel like it is a duty to help the people of my country, and be a good global citizen. My goals were not only to help others but also to help myself make a better understanding of this world we live in, after all one can make a big difference. From this trip, I therefore, feel like I have fulfill this duty, and have achieved my goal through singing elementary songs, nursery rhymes, whilst teaching the students and reliving my childhood. From the laughter that filled the room and the happiness that warmed our hearts. I can truly say that happiness comes in many forms, wealth is just the small part of that, but love can make even the poorest man happy.

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