The experiences I had come upon in Maekok not only helped me me grow as an individual but also as a global citizen. This year GCW trip, I went to Maekok, up north of Thailand. We spent a lot of time teaching at a local school and we also went to visit a local tribe. By teaching at the school and visiting the local tribe, I became more familiar with  Thai culture. Also, I learned that not everyone is as privileged as we are. The school and students do not have all the resources that we have. This trip made me appreciate what I have and knowing that there are a lot less fortunate people in the world.

Even though this trip requires a lot of work, I had a  lot of fun communicating and cooperating with my friends. On one of the night, we had to complete a “confidence course”; while one person is completing the course, others are on the side cheering and giving support to his/her friend. We also built a raft out of bamboos and rubber tires. Without the team, the raft would have never been built; we worked together as a team to complete our assignments. During our stay at the school, during construction, we mixed cement and carry buckets and buckets of sand down the line. These activities allow us to interact with each other and have a better connection with one another.

The first day that we arrived at the school, the children were afraid of us and ran away. However, as we visited the school more often, we’ve become closer to them. We played variety of games together. Other than playing games with the children, we taught them english. We had the opportunity to teach variety of grade levels, from elementary school to middle school. We use different teaching strategies in order to keep the student interested while maximizing their learning. For instance, we played hangman and pictionary with the lower classes; the students are having fun while learning english vocabulary. It wasn’t easy to teach in front a class due to many factors and it made me realize the amount of work teachers have to deal with everyday in school. In that case, I was happy to have gained this experience on this trip.

On the last day, the children danced and sang for us; in return, we sang the song “We are the World” for them. When we are about to depart, the looks on the children’s eye are very clear. They do not want use to leave. Although we were there for only a short period of time, it gave me a life time experience. I will never be able to forget the experiences that come upon this week.



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