GCW Maekok Reflection

            Before starting the trip off to Chiang Mai, the only idea we had about the trip was based on the short description we saw on paper before we enrolled for the course. I didn’t expect anything more from the trip than just additional community service hours that would help me fulfill the requirements for me to receive my IB Diploma. However, the trip didn’t turn out to be as quite anticipated, but in a good sense, at that.

Although being a Thai local, arriving at the school the first time, I was unaware of all the cultural differences that were present up in the north and learned more than I ever thought I would from this trip. These minority groups did seem to have similar traditions and linguistic practices as we Thais did, but having the opportunity to spend time with them taught me more than any textbook could have. These people face difficult problems such as a lack of education, poverty, and resource shortages. Knowing that for only the short period of time we went there, the actions that we took would change the course of their life in the future leaves a fulfilling feeling.

Also, while helping others, we students were also able to gain incomparable experience in the process, thus honing us to become better and more equipped people of society in the future. These were the simple yet demanding skills of teaching and controlling students. As the age of the kids lowered in number, the difficulty in managing them drastically increases. Throughout the process of teaching the classes for a week, we were able to gain experience that was valuable in practicality and sentimentality. These skills could be used and applied later on in life towards the managing of people, and, the meaning it had towards us being a small group of individuals doing simple things that potentially could change the lives of some. Although the things we did (construction and teaching) at the school were nothing near to life-changing, the feeling of being able to contribute to society, although miniscule in impact, we know that have made the world a better place.

Throughout the course of the trip I believe I’ve stayed the same as the person who first stepped ground in Maekok. However, my views and perception towards certain things have been altered and shaped in a way to be more compassionate and understanding. Knowing that the children do constantly receive aid in the form of materials first gave me notions of doubt towards whether the school we were at was really in need of help, but through the teaching of the students did I truly understand what the kids were lacking. The mental aspect of belonging and love, although not in all, it could be clearly seen in the ways these kids acted, specifically the younger ones on how attached hey would be with us and at times tend to even be aggressive about so. The most rewarding of all things that I found for myself on this trip was the ability to be able to contribute to a society while also doing it with joy. In the process not only did we benefit from the trip, but the school also, tremendously in the manner, get help and assistance in the development not only of concrete constructions but of also children minds.

I could say this trip although very physically and mentally demanding, was very rewarding in the sense of the things we knew that we’ve given and the distant we believe it would take the children into the future. Also, we got a good bit of fun out of all the things we did there.

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