February 2012

This year’s GCW was a trip to the Chiang Mai region of Northern Thailand. As a group of 20 students and two teachers, we flew from Bangkok to Chiang Rai airport and traveled northeast in a van to Maekok. We stayed at the Maekok River Village Resort for a whole week during which we performed […]

In this year’s GCW Maekok River Village Course, we went to northern Thailand, 50km north of the city center. The place we stayed in was called Maekok River Village Resort located adjacent to the Maekok River. The resort had an outdoor education center which we stayed in, and the majority of the time we spent […]

  GCW Maekok Reflection             Before starting the trip off to Chiang Mai, the only idea we had about the trip was based on the short description we saw on paper before we enrolled for the course. I didn’t expect anything more from the trip than just additional community service hours that would help me […]

First, like I learn every time I go on a GCW trip, I have learned new things. I learned that I CAN actually do things that I and other people would never imagine I could. I could not carry my own luggage up to my room when we first arrived, but I was able to […]

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