For my Global citizen week trip I went to Maekok, a village close to Chang Rai, Northern Thailand. I decided to go there because I needed community service hours for my CAS, to complete my full IB program. I went there with a group of friends that I already knew, because we decided to go in the same trip. When I first got there I really liked the place, it was nice, clean and we were completely immersed in the nature, finally breathing clean air.
What we did over the trip was teaching kids basic English as the numbers, the alphabet, the body parts, and also building a new multifunctional edifice for the kids at the school. We were divided in two groups: one that taught during the morning and build during the afternoon that was alternated with the second group. For me the manual labor was not a big problem, but I had many difficulties to teach to the kids. It was really hard for me to teach them because I did not know how to interact with them. The biggest problem was that I cannot speak in Thai, and they could not understand English, so it was hard to communicate. But even if we could not really communicate to each other I made really good connection with the kids that become really affectionate to me. Over this trip I understood how hard is to be a teacher, how hard is to manage a bunch of kids that wanted to do everything else rather than listen to you and study.
Another good aspect about this trip was that I had the possibility to know people that I probably would never know if I would not be in that trip. Even if English is my second language and I cannot always express myself I found pretty easy to meet new friends because of their sympathy and their kindness. At the beginning of the trip, we were divided in three different groups, and it looks like those groups were really defined and there were no chance to get closer and make a unique group. But the, even if we were together for only few days, the three groups started to get closer and closer and the last night we finally looked like a unique close group of friends.
During this trip I also understood many things about myself and the way I interact with people. I learned that one of my strength, but also one of my weaknesses is the way I like to be at the center of the attention. It is strength because it gives me the possibility to get to meet new people and start new conversation with people that I do not know, but it also a weakness because I can be annoying sometimes.
Overall I really liked this trip because it helped me to know more about Thailand, its culture and the way people leave outside Bangkok, and it seems to be a completely different reality.