For my Global citizen week trip I went to Maekok, a village close to Chang Rai, Northern Thailand. I decided to go there because I needed community service hours for my CAS, to complete my full IB program. I went there with a group of friends that I already knew, because we decided to go in the same trip. When I first got there I really liked the place, it was nice, clean and we were completely immersed in the nature, finally breathing clean air. What we did over the trip was teaching kids basic English as the numbers, the alphabet, the body parts, and also building a new multifunctional edifice for the kids at the school. We were divided in two groups: one that taught during the morning and build during the afternoon that was alternated with the second group. For me the manual labor was not a big problem, but I had many difficulties to teach to the kids. It was really hard for me to teach them because I did not know how to interact with them. The biggest problem was that I cannot speak in Thai, and they could not understand English, so it was hard […]