This year I was excited to go up to the North of Thailand and put some of my thai speaking to good use. The course was perfect for me because I love to help the community,  I am very good with children and I can also teach them English. I this year i didnt have to do a community service trip because i have already over achieved my community service hours but my freinds were doing a community service trip so i went a long and joined them.

The trip started off very slowly and just felt like a trip away on holiday with my friends because we had no chaperones nearby for the majority of the time at the airport and on the plane. When we landed we had to utilize all of my technology such as my ipod, for the last time on the trip. Our chaperone was an strong believer that when you are visiting somewhere, you should be able to disconnect from technology and be able to enjoy the environment that you were in. I think the only reason that i did not find ity hard to disconnect was that almost everyone i would have talked to anyways was on my trip.

Once we arrived at the resort it finally started to feel like a school community service trip and to feel more like it was time to do some work. we started of at the resort and i think that the resort had a very childish vibe and I definitely felt like all my friends and I were to old to be doing some of the activities that they made us do at the resort, but then again it was kinda amusing to think that all those games would have been much more amusing if i was just a few years younger. Once found out the sylabus of the trip we went and stated planning and it was difficult to plan because we really didnt know what to expect. There wasnt much to do during free time since we didnt have technology so we just hung around, played ping pong and talked.

The next day was a teaching day at the first day we learnt that the hardest part of the teaching at this school was that we had to get the children motivated. I was very suprised with some of the talent in the schools and some of the unique talents that some of the students have picked up over the years of living on the farms such as walking on bamboo stilts. After the half day of teaching we started to do our manual labour. What we were doing was making a multipurpose room for the good and finishing a manual labour project always feels good.

On the day off of our community service work we went to a nearby temple with felt like it was mainly for tourists and didn’t have the same vibe as a traditional thai temple. After that the rafting down the river was frustrating because of all the conflicted attitudes of who wanted to win and who wanted to do nothing. That night we had a second chance to prepare and english lesson and it was a lot easier and more successful because we knew was was coming and we also got to choose a more interesting topics. In conclusion i learnt a lot about a very rural area of thailand and saw some of the tribes that have migrated over time to Thailand. This was a good experience because i learnt about the importance of motivation of children and It is also good to know that now my name is in concrete somewhere in the world.