During the week of  GCW, my life was affected much more than I expected.   Firstly, the “disconnect to connect” idea that Mr. U had was something I was not a fan of at first.  But after the first day though I realized how much I had been missing in my daily life by having my phone and Ipod in hand.  Getting the chance to meet people was amazing as I made many friends that I probably wouldn’t have gotten to know otherwise. Bonding through song, french fries and manual labor we became close in the short amount of time we had, a week that changed our lives.

The children of the school we worked and taught English to were amazing, simply because the joy they showed by us just being there was life changing. Babies with missing, rotting teeth smiling at us as if we were the best thing ever, children so eager to learn from us were more excited with the fact that we were there then what we were teaching. By doing something as simple as showing them attention, love and that we cared made their week. Little did they know how much we actually learned from them.  The love I personally felt from the children made me feel so important and was extreamly humbling. Seeing how hard the lives of these children made me want to do so much more, make their lives easier, give them the convenient life I have. Building the multipurpose space was another experience I’m glad I got to take part in. Working as a team to achieve a common goal and to be able to see how we were helping was so satisfying.  The adults at the school were modest, hardworking and welcoming. They showed us so much respect and were so thankful for the help in building. The resort we stayed at was beautiful, a refreshing change from the crazy city we call home.  The staff was so nice, guinuinely caring about us and helping us with anything we needed, we couldn’t have done it with out their help.

The fellow students on the trip also affected my life in some way. Starting the week not really knowing anyone was slightly nerve-racking as I can sometimes be shy and ” fly under the radar”. But, to my surprise the kids I met on this trip fully embraced me and we seemed to connect, hanging out like we had known each other forever. We made so many memories and have a ton of inside jokes, which we still laugh at when we pass in the hallways. I will never forget the memories I made on the trip, nor will I forget the children who had such an impact on my life.