Before coming to this trip, I didn’t read the course description because i picked this trip to follow a friend, so i have no idea that I’m going to teach kids English. Once i realize that I’ll be doing that, i felt disappointed since I personally hate kid because they’re annoying. During the second day of the course, the very first thing I have to do is to teach elementary boys. And when I saw the kids that I’m teaching, they were just running, jumping, and screaming everywhere. I was shocked at what i saw but when I told them to stop, they stopped and they come sitting in front of our group and ready to learn. At that moment, I thought: Oh this is not so bad after all. When it comes to build the multi-purpose building, it’s really hard work and really slow at first, but when we start to create a system on who’s doing what, we really made a lot of process. This teach me that teamwork is really important when you are working on something. Without teamwork in a team, the progress will be very small. Then on the fourth day where we have to build a raft and use it to travel on a river, our team made a pretty good raft, but it’s difficult when we are using it because we have 7 students on the raft and to more teachers, that’s about 600 kg on the raft, the raft was half sunken but somehow we made it though. This rafting experience should be my most memorable experience. After teaching for a few day, I got used to teaching and what to expect from the kid. I also learned that kid do really learn, before i thought that kids will just ignore everything you want to teach but this trip prove that wrong because most of the students got about 80% of what i thought them. From teaching the kid, I came to appreciate the education in ISB because being a teacher hard because you have to prepare a lot for just 20 minutes of teaching, where for teachers in ISB, they have to prepare 1.5 hour classes everyday. In our last day in the school, when it’s time for us to leave, one of the kid asked me if I’m coming back or not. The first answer that came up to my mind is I can’t come back since it’s true, but it will make the kid really sad so I answered: “I want come back, but the school doesn’t allow me to” but the kid just answered: “just come back anyways” and this made me realize how these children are so innocent. Also, at the last day, a saw a girl wearing a shirt that was worn by the red shirt protesters. I asked her where did she get this and she said that she got it from her mother. After this I asked myself: “Is she a red shirt if her mother is one”. I won’t be surprise if she is. But I think she is neither a red shirt or a yellow shirt, she is just a girl wearing a red shirt, nothing more.