I joined this trip thinking all I will get out of this trip is the community service hours I wanted. But by the end of the trip, what I got from this trip wasn’t just the community service hours; I learnt many things about myself, being a teacher, students, and the people around me. In the beginning of the week, teaching the students was more complicated than I thought. I struggled getting their attention or thinking of ways to get them interested in teaching. I went back to the resort on the first day clueless and hopeless about teaching the kids. This feeling I had, I learnt, is a feeling teachers get after a day of teaching. The feeling of wanting to improve and wanting to be able to teach the students and the care teachers have. I also learnt about the society in Maekok. The situation the students were in really touched me. We went to the villages in the mountains and examined the area, we went through the living conditions and we learnt about the children there. They go to school on some days, and some days they don’t and they work with their parents. This is to support their family and help out one another to survive. The students don’t get consistent education even if they wanted to. It made me think, if this keeps up, the things they learn in school would be a waste. Their way of living is much more different and complicated than ours and they don’t have that opportunity to go to school every day. Even though it was for a week, I felt that I bonded with the students. I also learnt about the people around me during the trip. My friends and I are quite a closed group, but during this trip, we got to know the sophomores on the trip. We learnt many things about each other such as likes and dislikes. As the trip progressed, I believe I grew from a close-minded person to an open- minded person. Being brought to the villages and seeing the conditions they were living it hit me and reminded me that there are people in the world suffering and less fortunate than us. I never expected to be attached to the students at the school we were teaching at, I found it depressing that we had to leave them at the end of the week. Being able to bond with the people around me including the students is probably the most proud thing I did on this trip. This trip was nothing like I expected and I am glad I am on this trip. I thought it would just be community service where you made the house, teach the students and get it over it. Instead, I felt really proud of what I did and the feeling of achievement after building the canteen was amazing. My biggest challenge on this trip was to have a meaningful conversation with everyone. I didn’t get to everyone but I tried my best, I am a shy person to begin with so it was hard for me to think of what to say and how to introduce myself but I finally got myself to do so and I am really glad that happened.