GCW Course Final Reflections

Write a 500 word reflection on your GCW experience and post it on your individual student blog using your Course Tag.

The focus of your reflection should be on your own learning during your GCW experience, not a simple retelling of everything that you did. Use the following questions to guide you, but do not feel you need to answer them all.

1. What did you learn from this course
a. about your global issue or community service project?
b. about the culture you were a part of?
c. about yourself?

2. How did you grow and/or change as a result of this course?

3. What did you do during the week that you are most proud of?

4. How was this experience similar to or different from what you had expected?

5. What was the most challenging part of this course? How did you overcome the challenge?

Due by February 22
(GCW follow up meeting after we return).
No credit for GCW and no community service credit unless you submit the reflection!

How to post your GCW Reflection and add course tag