My first week in Middle School was really busy I rarely had time in between classes.Also, there are new teachers, new classes, new rules, new friends, and of course new activities. I think that a metaphor is when you compare a thing you don’t really have a clear picture of, with a thing you are sure you now about. The way I chose my metaphor is because since we are in Bangkok and the city was busy and there are a lot of cars, that made me come up with the idea of  choosing a city as my background and the base for my metaphor. The connection of middle school with my metaphor is since  I never came  to middle school, its as if I walk into a city I never visited (except for bridge day.) Another connection, is that middle school is busy and there are a lot of people talking so that compares to cars honking their horn nosily.



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I think that the best part about grade 4 was that I was lucky to have a awesome teacher like Ms.Bellone. Ms.Bellone is so nice our class has special privelages like playing games getting homework passes. I think everybody in my class agrees.

I have made lots of friends in the time I have been here and I fit very well my class, I think that having friends is very important in life.

I think that being in 4th grade means quite a lot because next year we are 5th graders at the very top of elemantary school and the little kids look up to us like giants.

A very fun part was the 4th grade book awards we found out which books got voted the winner in there topic it is fun because we did not know who won so it was a surprise.

Bye till next year adam

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I think that some areas of the world are richer than others, because of what kind of people live there, and what kind of taxes they pay. In america, the government lives mostly of the taxes of the people. While in richer countries, there are less taxes, indicating that the governments in those areas are poorer. In short, the governments depend on the people to make themselves richer.

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My academic goals

  • To get an A or B on my grade.
  • Learn more about this subject to get good at this.
  • Get more skills to prove this subject. Like writing, spelling, and reading.

My social goal

  • To recognize how the world is going on and how the world will happen in the future.

My personal goal

  • To learn more vocabularies to get good of English. And especially don’t forget my homework.


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This was my first time to go to Similan islands where there 9 small islands are gathering each other. It took for 9 hours to get Similan islands by the boat and we dived each different small islands where that place are protected. I think Similan is the most beautiful sea I have ever dived. This is because color of sea is very clear and there were no any trashes in the sea. And i saw plenty of fishes that I had never seen.  I saw the there were lots of corals and many fish use them as a house also that provide food to organisms which in the sea such as fish. In addition there were reefs in the sea and coral may form a reef’s foundation, however, reef ecosystem flouting due to an amazing menagerie of other organisms. For instance, bacteria and algae coat the sandy bottom and portions of the reef not covered by living coral. This provides food for many organisms. Those organisms, in turn, provide vital house keeping functions that keep ecosystem healthy and also serve as food sources for organisms higher up on the food chain. I am taking geoscience and this is very good opportunity to learn that there are kind of same ecosystem and food chain as organisms where living on the land. Next, I really impressed that i could see sharks and turtles those are pretty big and shark does not prefer to hear the sounds of regulator so we had to avoid the place where sharks often appear. And I was really exciting about the night diving because I had never done that. We could have own light to use in the dark sea. It was very surprised that there were almost no fish, but they hide into the coral to sleep. However, some of are nocturnal such as lobster and octopus. Dive master told us to turn off the light for 1 minute and when we moved there was small things suddenly shined that was tiny insects like bacteria which living in the sea. Last day of diving that we correct the trashes where in the sea for a hour with own partner. But I did not really see the bottle, trashes, and there were no any mess in the sea so I expect that people who live in island take care and protect the sea. According to this trip, I could learn about biology stuff like ecosystem or relationship between coral and fish and other many things as well, also people should care about sea around the world like similans. I wish I can visit Similans to dive again.

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My trip to the Similans for 5 days was probably the best week of my life.  I am not saying this to make the trip sound amazing, the trip was amazing.  For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to go SCUBA diving.  This provided me with the right excuse to finally convince my parents that it would be a worthwhile hobby.  I did my Open Water certification in Pattaya and it was alright, I enjoyed it because I had never been SCUBA diving before.  Unfortunately, I was really spoiled when I went SCUBA diving in the Similans.  The diving there can only be topped by the Great Barrier Reef and other extremely exotic locations; it does not get any better.  Aside from the obvious enjoyment from diving, I also learned about the mysterious underwater world.  While this trip did include time for community service, it heavily emphasized the global community.  We had to read about different associations and how they contribute to protecting the reefs.  We also read about how we can help save them.  One night, everyone had a discussion about the pros and cons of protecting an area so the fisherman could not fish there.  We concluded that Thailand made the right choice with protecting the Similan Islands.  If they had left the Islands open to fishing, there would be no fishing industry after a while because all of the fish would have been caught.  Protecting the Islands, preserves the ecosystem and allows it to flourish.  I was one of the lucky ones to see what it was like.  There are very few places in the world where you can have a Leopard Shark swim right over you or watch Clown fish swim in and out of their anemones.

One obvious aspect where I grew from this trip was the fact that I am now a certified Advanced Open Water diver.  This was one of the most fulfilling life accomplishments and I am considering getting certified to become a SCUBA instructor.  I also became more aware of how the different environments are intertwined.  Our decisions in Bangkok (leaving lights on, recycling, taking the BTS vs. a car) all affect the ocean eventually.  Many of our choices enhance global warming and an increase of 1 degree Celsius in the ocean is considered a huge change for a reef.  This drastic change in temperature could destroy an entire ecosystem.

I expected an amazing trip and I received just that.  I was a little bit naïve thinking that I wouldn’t receive any bookwork but the reading was interesting.  For one, I was learning about a new environment that I was interacting with many times a day.  Sometimes we would dive 4 times in one day and I would think about what we had discussed while below the surface.  During our last dive, the cleanup dive, I saw first hand how humans have polluted the ocean.  We spent 50 minutes cleaning up trash underwater.  While we did not find anything drastic, we did find cups, plastic, and a large piece of glass.  These objects had the potential to harm fish in the ocean if they were not removed.

All in all, if you want to become an Advanced Open Water SCUBA diver through the most enjoyable and spectacular trip, travel to the Similans for GCW.  Everyone learned diving skills that we hope to use in the future.  We also learned about how to protect and help rebuild the underwater environment.  Other GCW trips can say what they want, but Marine Biology in the Similans was clearly

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For my Global Citizenship Week I was on the trip marine Biology. This trip is truly an amazing trip in which we travelled to the Similan islands located 120km northwest of Phuket, Thailand in the Andaman Sea. For this trip we stayed on a live aboard junk, for 4 days and 4 nights. On this trip we explored the unique marine life of the Similans and we saw some truly amazing animals that without this trip I may have never seen. This trip is a very important trip because we not only learn how to scuba dive in a more environmentally friendly manner, but we also learn the importance of the coral to all the people that live in these areas.
The places that we visited were all located within national parks so all the areas are preserved and are in very good condition, and these parks allow for the growth of fish populations not only inside the national park but also on its periphery. This promotes the growth of marine life and creates larger amounts of biodiversity and the betterment of the environment. This also affects the people that live in these areas as well. These coral reefs create a protective barrier to the coast from any large storms or weaken them so that when they reach the mainland there would be fewer effects on the mainland. Also since these reefs provide a protective area for the nursing of smaller marine animals and this allows the fish populations to grow, and economically thinking if they properly preserve these areas the migration of fish out of these marine parks would increase the production of the fishing industry outside of the parks as well as increased tourism to these areas due to the larger amount of biodiversity.
What I have just said though is very difficult to do because it would take a global effort to properly preserve these areas. The reason it would require this is because coral reefs are very sensitive environments. A variance in one degree of ocean temperature could destroy a large number of coral; other factors that are important for the coral are PH and any chemicals that affect their exoskeleton. We also learned about what we could do on a local level, for us in particular on our final dive we did a local coral clean up where we picked up all the trash we could find that was located on the coral. This is to help get rid of any trash or chemicals that could be harmful to the coral. We also had to look after our own trash and not throw anything harmful overboard. But we also learned that there is more to helping than just picking up the trash. On a local level just supporting the establishment of the marine parks can lead to a better environment and economy for the community so it is not just beneficial for the environment if you clean up trash, it could also improve the quality of life in the surrounding community.
Overall I felt that this trip was worth it because we all learned about scuba diving which is something that will last with me forever but also we learned how we can preserve these areas so that future generations can share the same experience as us.

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