Klong Toey

I went to Klong Toey during GCW. This experience was really valuable and I learned many from this week. I learned that we can be very close friends even if we are in different generations or different gender who we can’t communicate well. I took care about five-year-old children in Klong Toey. There were totally nervous first day and they gaze away their eyes when our eyes met. But as we played together, their tension relaxed and they smiled at me when our eyes met. Our first activity was to make a name tag. We let the children to write their names on a piece of white paper and hang with string around their name. While hanging the card, I asked them

Chue a rai?” in Thai and I introduced myself in English. I was not a stranger anymore. Our next activity was painting, which I think our friendship deepened a lot. They were drawing whatever they want, such as animals, foods, flowers, TV, and so on. I was in charge of giving them palette, and other paint materials. They asked me for it, so that was my second conversations with them. Also I asked a boy how to say red apple in Thai who was drawing the apple. I drew bigger apples beside his and he drew more bigger ones after. We were friends now. I realized that art was wonderful because it was common thing that anyone in the world can understand. I understood some of his feelings looking at his arts. Also, I thought that children’s imagination was interminable that was only for genuine heart.

Musical Chair was our next activity. This made our friendship in addition deeper. I think it deepened because we cooperate and helped each other through playing musical chairs. First, we had to move all the chairs in circle. They helped us moving and they listened to our instructions. During the musical chairs, we danced in the rhythm of the background. It was really fun. I thought cooperating makes friendship deepen and this was the also things that people didn’t need to use languages.

I learned that as long as there was frame of mind in the gesture, dance, sport, art, I realize that I don’t need high level of languages to understand each other. Attitudes, face expressions, and all physical actions made me understood their feelings. This GCW was very valuable and impressed me a lot. One of the biggest things I learned in this lesson was that I could be friends with anyone in the world. I am a brand new student in ISB. I am bad at English so I am very shy talking to foreigners using English. I am scared to make funny mistakes. But this lesson told me that I could tell my feelings through anyone if I had ambitious telling. It did not need high level of Thai. So, I hope I will apply this knowledge I earned during GCW in the school and try to develop on my English skills talking to foreigners in English aggressively.


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