During GCW week I went to Klongtoey kindergarten. I have learnt many things from the experience that I went there. I know more how life is difficult and different in that area people life style were walking around community because in that area things were cheaper but also different that we don’t use it. Their house were near the school they all walked to school, the kindergarten were small and narrow like five bedrooms put together. Their home was like hotel room that near each other but the flat were old and small they have to live one family in each room which I think is too small to live. In the lunch time I sat in an open area near those flat and there was a playground with old seesaw and slider which has rust I think after school those kids will be playing around there. The time that I was in the class doing activities with them I can see that they can be happy easily I just play dough with them and gave them stickers these things could make them laugh and smile for long time. I think that the kids were simple pleasure because they have always faced the hard time. It makes me learn more about life that it is true that to expect less and the happiness will come easier. In the flat all ages of kids were in the same kindergarten that they didn’t separate in room I can see the difference between age that how kids are developing.

I think a have grown up more because I have more experience about life as knowing more how people live in other part of Bangkok usually I know only around my community and around me we all have similar life style. As a result of growing I have changed that I’m more optimistic and proud to be me that I have an easy life and think that I’m lucky to well educated and live in a house that full of love and luxury, healthy that I born with full thirty two parts in my body with no diseases and now I’m expected for everything less to be a easily happy person.

This experience is similar to what I expected, I knew that their kindergarten will be in a small flat because I have seen some kind of these lifestyle in the documentary that it was about the kids having HIV living together in  a house under government control because their parents had left them. Something that was different from what I expected was the Mercy school I think this part in the community looks kind and peaceful they helped children and the place was clean and not obsolete.

The most challenging part of this course was the first day that I didn’t know what the kids were like and what they enjoyed, getting to know each other was always the most challenging part to go to new place everywhere. At first they didn’t understand us much and didn’t follow us what to do because they didn’t understand English but luckily that I could speak Thai. The most rewarding was as I know what they like to do I did what they like and later the kids love us that made me proud that I could make their time happy because I don’t know how difficult their life is at home.


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