August 2014

During GCW week I went to Klongtoey kindergarten. I have learnt many things from the experience that I went there. I know more how life is difficult and different in that area people life style were walking around community because in that area things were cheaper but also different that we don’t use it. Their […]

Catherine Klong Toey I went to Klong Toey during GCW. This experience was really valuable and I learned many from this week. I learned that we can be very close friends even if we are in different generations or different gender who we can’t communicate well. I took care about five-year-old children in Klong Toey. […]

This was my first GCW trip, and, although I simply stayed here in Bangkok, it was truly an amazing learning experience. Many would say that it’s “courageous” to be teaching a group of twenty-two, full-of-life four to five year-olds, however, doing so is definitely one of my most treasured experiences as yet. Before this trip, […]

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