March 2012

What I learned from Klong Toey Kindergarten was that I am very fortunate to receive the level of education that I have every day. Some people in Thailand get little to no education; but then I found out that there were organizations such as the Human Development Center to help remedy this problem. The Human Development Center aims to make life in […]

The trip to Klongtoey Kindergarten was my first GCW experience and the most memorable one. It was more than just accumulating community service hours. The school was located in a slum area of Bangkok and our job was to teach the poor kids at the school. The Human Development Foundation supports the kindergarten by teaching […]

The trip to Klong Toey kindergarten left me with many unforgettable memories. I both enjoyed and was educated through the trip. Looking at the kids made me realize that I was once the same as them, always curious to attempt new activities I have never experienced before. My job was to become a teacher and plan activities […]

So I had my first GCW and you know what? Its was just Amazing, Sweet and full of fun. I now know how our teachers must have felt when we were this young. Woah. the kids in the kindergarten were so full of energy and were always ready to have some fun. But one things was […]

This was my first GCW trip, and, although I simply stayed here in Bangkok, it was truly an amazing learning experience. Many would say that it’s “courageous” to be teaching a group of twenty-two, full-of-life four to five year-olds, however, doing so is definitely one of my most treasured experiences as yet. Before this trip, […]

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