February 2012

The Klontoey Kindergarten experience was more than just twenty five hours of teaching.  This school is located in a poor area of Bangkok.  It opened my eyes to the lack of education resources available to students and showed me I make certain assumptions based on economic status. I first came to realize this one the […]

On our first trip to the Klong Toey kindergartens, the first thing I noticed was how impoverished the surrounding houses were. Also, my group and I became more and more anxious because we felt that we had not prepared enough to keep the children entertained and happy. Upon arriving, we were surprised at how young […]

Klong Toey was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. I learnt many things while doing this GCW course about myself and also about the environment in which the kids live in. I normally wouldn’t have chose this course as an option since I’m not that good with kids but I am really […]

My GCW trip was held at a kindergarten school in the province of Klong Toey. Having a brother and sister already done this trip in there years of a freshman it influenced me to try and see what this community service trip had to offer.  Although this GCW trip had force the students to partake […]

For Klongtoey Kindergarten course, it was a whole new experience. I have never worked with little children in such an interactive environment before. From the first day activities I learned that not all kids will like the activities you provide. Which made it very hard to teach because all the kids would not show any […]

Through our trip to Klong Toey kindergarten I acquired some learning within the experiences. Before we went to the place we had some time to plan about what we are going to teach and do with the children. However, after we actually got there it turned out that some of our plan did not work […]

Through GCW Klong Toey Kindergarten, I learned that the education of Thai is very high, and children can respond and improve their abilities well and feel the power of smile. The impression when I came to the school was that children look fun and enjoy creative because there are a lot of painting that they made. They […]

This GCW trip was more than just a direct community service activity for me; I gained much more than I expected. Through this trip, I learned more about the roles of the Human Development Center and its importance. Though I have participated in activities involved with the Mercy Center, I have never been to the […]

During these 5 days remarkable days I did not just learn from this course, but this course have transformed me into a new person. To answer Mr. Harper’s question “’ Are you the same person you were before you enter this course’” My answer would be, no I am the same person I was before […]

I went to Klongtoy kindergarten during this GCW. I could learn many things and grow from this rare experience. In these, made most strong impressions on me is “children are rewarded if one tries to understand them seriously” and “to make a plan is very important.” First day, there are many surprised things for me. […]

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