I learned that even though it may seem with all the support that poverty can be abolished quickly, I think that it is actually a very slow process. The problem comes with technology, when new technology is invented the first people to get to use it are the rich people. Only after it begins to get old is it more available to poorer areas as its price tag drops. This hinders the process because the poor are not being helped and their condition worsens as the conditions for the rich get better. So by the time the technology is available to the poorer people a new technology has arrived to the richer people and the process happens again. Basically the poor are in the same condition that the rich were 15 years ago.             I realized how lucky some children are that their parents can afford for them to go to schools in the slums. That I am extremely lucky to be able to go to one of the top International schools in the world and that I have always had what I needed and that other kids often have nothing to look forwards to for Christmas while I would […]