February 2011

GCW Course Final Reflections Tokiya Baba The Klong Toey Kindergarten in GCW was not in my choices and I was really disappointed to go there, but as I went on with the kids in the kindergarten, I started to like kids, and I already miss them.  From this course, I learned about this community service that all kids in kindergarten are enthusiastic, interested and really cute.  The most important thing I learned from this community service project is that kids will be always attracted and interested in any new activities that our group members made.  They always get attracted even though it was a really simple activity such as making an airplane and shuriken by a paper.  I also learned myself from this community service project that I was able to have fun with small kids and not getting bored during the activities and I even had fun playing activities with them. The first impression of the kids in the kindergarten was cute and adorable but after finishing the week of GCW in Klong Toey Kindergarten I learned and grew my knowledge a lot about 6 years old.   I learned that kids shouldn’t be treated as I do with my […]

They say that an infant laughter is the first step to the birth of a fairy, but I don’t know if that is true or not. I know that an infant laughter during the GCW Kleong Toey, makes them happy and brings them new opportunity which is true.  The GCW Kleong has change my perceptions, made me learn and help me gain experiences. Through this, I faced some challenges but I was able to adapt to the situations. First of all, I got into Robert Frost’s “Road not Taken” poem situation. I was in the line to choose to go over sea or out of Bangkok for my GCW or either stay here. Well I really took the “road less travel” by staying in Bangkok. The reason you might wonder is that, I would choose to improve my nearby community better with large service hours, rather than going out and having fun. The other reason is that I don’t really want to go away for my GCW since I can’t bear to be away from Bangkok for several everyday reasons. At first, the thought of kids to me is a drag and I usually pop my bubble easily when I […]

Day 1: Before we arrived at the Klong Toey Kindergarten I wasn’t so excited or anticipating anything. I imagined that the school was going to be a bit sloppy but when we arrived it was a lot better and it was actually pretty descent. When we arrived the kids seemed a bit scared, nervous, and a bit uncomfortable. We had teams of about three people per team but we eventually just worked together as one big group according to our GCW teacher. The first day at the kindergarten we were assigned 2-3 year old. The kids were really cute and if a topic interests them they will really concentrate and listen. We played with balloons, clay, stickers, coloring books, and many more. It was really tiring for me because I am not a strong Thai speaker and I was the one of the 2 Thais in my group so I had to communicate with both the kids and the teacher. Day 2: The second day was the most tiring day of the whole trip. It was because all of us did not really prepare anything for the day and just hoped it would do fine. Unfortunately, we were out of […]

For Global Citizen Week, I went to klong toey kindergarten and wat koo kindergarten to educate, play and interact with the children. From this trip I had the opportunity to learn how kids learn best, how they express themselves and how the environment influences their learning habits. The first thing I realized was that the culture of the Thai society is very different then the society ISB provides us. The teachers are slightly more impatient and would often yell at the children to get them to pay attention; instead in ISB the teachers are more organized. The environment of the kindergarten could be improved, I think instead of using hands they could have provided the children with forks and plates to eat their snacks for hygienic reasons. I also became very aware of how lucky I was during this trip, how fortunate I am to be able to study at ISB. Before going to Klong Toey Kindergarten, I was nervous on how the children would react to my presence. I even asked my friends what they think the children would think of me. However, as I entered the kindergarten the children looked more frightened then I was. Eventually, my nervousness […]

Before the Klong Toey Kindergarten began, I was nervous to take care of many children aged 6. I had never taken care of young children, so I worried about it so much. I hadn’t known how to take care of children and their feeling, so I was remain unclear in 1st day of the Global Citizenship Week. I was nervous, but children were not. When they saw me, they have approached to me. They were very friendly and cheerful character. They liked to sit on my knees. The 4 children sat on my knees at the same time. I was glad of it, but too heavy. When the one child finished sitting on my knees, the next child came to sit on my knees. And the one child always sat on my knees. He was very sweet. I worried about if they were afraid of me, but it was not to worry. But I still worried about if they cried and something. The distance of our heart gradually shrank through the some activities. We prepared many activities for children. First, we made their name tags. We had to know their name and called them by their names to get friendly. […]

The three days I spent amongst the children at Klong Toey Kindergaraten and the two days spent with the children at Wat Koo Kindergarten were amazing and taught me a lot of new things. During this week I learned more about Mercy Center and how much they did for the underprivileged society of Bangkok. Mercy Center funds a big part of the Klong Toey Kindergarten program, and also provides a certain amount of money for kids who do not have enough money to pay for school after Kindergarten. Mercy Center is a wonderful organization, and a central part of life in the slums. Incidentally I also learned a lot about Thai culture on this trip. It was very difficult not being able to understand the kids and even though we had a native Thai speaker, he couldn’t translate everything the kids were saying. Most times we had to guess what they wanted, or simply shrug, smile, and continue what we were doing before. There were a lot of misunderstandings because of this, and some of the activities did not come across the way we planned because the children did not completely understand what we wanted them to do. Another cultural […]

GCW Day 1 ( 7/2/2011) : Today was the first day of my GCW trip to Klong Toey Kindergarden and it was an eventful one. We first went to HDF (Health Development Foundation) Mercy Center, the sponseror of Klong Toey Kindergarden. It is a voluntary community service foundation that provides assistance to poor children and takes medical care of people suffering from HIV Aids. I found the center to be very inspiring and somewhat amazing as there was a stark contrast between children playing around on one side of the ground and HIV patients on the vicinity rooms, bedridden. After that we headed to Klong Toey Kindergarden where I was quite surprised to find that it was not a separate school as I had originally imagined. But rather it was comprised of 3 rooms under housed apartments! Upon entering the rooms, we were greeted with cheers from the children. They were really excited to interact with us. So we set up the materials and began our activities. Our first activity was to make 4 balloons of different colors, stick it on the edges of the rooms and ask the children to identify it when different colors (corresponding to the colors […]

Before my Global Citizenship Week began, I was not as excited as I could have been. I was actually sort of dreading it because going into this trip I did not know many people; hence I would be alone most of the time.  The first couple days of GCW had turned out to be better than I thought they would. On our first day at the Klong Toey Kindergarten, I came to adore so many of the kids there. They were all so cute you would just want to play with them all day. Although my biggest challenge was the huge language barrier between us, I overcame that challenge by communicating with the kids as best as I could by just nodding and saying “ka” to almost everything they said. I think one of the greatest lessons I learned out of this whole experience is to be extremely grateful for what I have. When we first walked into both the Klong Toey Kindergarten and the Wat Koo School, it did not seem as if the kids going to the school were poor or as fortunate as other kids. There was a computer lab at Klong Toey and smart boards and […]

During the GCW week, we visited two schools, Klongtoey Kindergarden and Wat Koo. We spent our first three days at Klongtoey and the rest of the two days at Wat Koo. This is my first GCW as well as the other freshmens and I had an amazing week with the kids. We did many things that include making learning plans throughout the week, doing activities with the kids, followed by doing the reflections on our blogs. I learned a lot during the time spent with the kids. The groups that I was in were in charge of the four year old at both schools. I learned that some four year olds are very shy but as you get to know them better they are more active and outgoing. They love to play games and be picked up. They enjoy coloring and doing many of the activities that were included into the daily learning plan for example making paper crowns, cereal necklaces, and much more. Although the kids were similar in the way they acted towards us I thought that the kids at Wat Koo were more independent while the kids at Klongtoey were more open towards us. The experience I had […]

From this GCW course, I learned that doing something to make people happy feels good. I’ve always wanted to become a preschool teacher, just because I like kids. This course’s purpose was to help kids because they are not rich. We bought stuff for kids so they can have fun with it. I’m not sure if they were happy with our playing skills, but I really hope that they had a fun time with us. This course made me hope that they had a fun time with us. When they smile, it made me very happy. The way they laugh was so realistic and I can still remember how they were laughing. It was a memorable time in my life, because it was my first time to actually go to a kindergarten and interact with the kids. Also I learned that language is not the only important thing to have fun. I do not speak Thai at all, and sometimes it was hard to communicate. But even though I could not speak Thai well, I found many ways to ask them what I want them to do. When they asked me something and they find that I don’t get it, […]

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