February 2010

Day 4 & Day 5: Great improvements and great time with the children. Everything was so marvelous in the last two days of KTK. As I am writing this reflection now, despite the fact that I had to write it two weeks ago, the experience seems close to magical. While we were teaching in the […]

Day 1: The first day at Klong-Toey Kindergarten was very hard. Since we did not have any ideas about the Kindergarten, we were very confused what to do at the very beginning. When we arrived, the kindergarden was very different than I thought. It was noisy and situated in the middle of slum. The groups were […]

the last but not least, it was very fantastic and also sad day. because it is the last day that i can see those children. i think childs know that we are leaving. that day that offer me more active. and we had a party. that was not that huge just give some snacks, but […]

Day 1 We went there thinking it was going to be easy and the kids would have a lot of discipline but it turns out that the kids are wild. This day all the things that we planned had not worked at all. The kids were uncontrollable; they were hitting each other but smiling. So […]

I spent most of the first day planning with the children about what we will do for the next five days. I got really immersed into planning with my group of children but then I was moved to another group of kids due to come complication with the number of students to the number of […]

KLONG TOEY ADVENTURE The Klong Toey kinder garden www course was truly an eye opening experience. From this course I learned many things about myself, the group I was working with, and my culture. And in the end they all came together to make this trip as great as It could possibly be. The personal […]

  It was very valuable experience to visit Klong Toey and play with children. I was really disappointed at the beginning to visit there. “I can get community service hours!” That was the only reason to decide to go to Klong Toey. Therefore the first day of going to there, I really regretted why I […]

 On the last day at Kloeng Toey, we did a few activities and had a small party with BIG fun.  Our group started off by making party hats for the kids. We first thought it is a good idea since we were planned to have a party that day, but it soon turned into a […]

On the fourth day, the kids weren’t as good as the third day, but have gotten used to us. We made paper lanterns and the kids enjoyed it a lot. However, for us, it was hard to staple 40 lamps, as it took a long time. Then, we did an outside activity, where the kids […]

Girard Immanuel T. Soriano February 16,2010 A few years ago, I had the opportunity of visiting Kloeng Toey orphanage as part of our Confirmation activity in our Sunday class. We were tasked to bring in donations of clothes, school supplies, food, toiletries, etc. We unloaded the bulky and heavy bags of donations ourselves from the […]

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