My first week in Middle School was really busy I rarely had time in between classes.Also, there are new teachers, new classes, new rules, new friends, and of course new activities. I think that a metaphor is when you compare a thing you don’t really have a clear picture of, with a thing you are sure you now about. The way I chose my metaphor is because since we are in Bangkok and the city was busy and there are a lot of cars, that made me come up with the idea of  choosing a city as my background and the base for my metaphor. The connection of middle school with my metaphor is since  I never came  to middle school, its as if I walk into a city I never visited (except for bridge day.) Another connection, is that middle school is busy and there are a lot of people talking so that compares to cars honking their horn nosily.



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I think that the best part about grade 4 was that I was lucky to have a awesome teacher like Ms.Bellone. Ms.Bellone is so nice our class has special privelages like playing games getting homework passes. I think everybody in my class agrees.

I have made lots of friends in the time I have been here and I fit very well my class, I think that having friends is very important in life.

I think that being in 4th grade means quite a lot because next year we are 5th graders at the very top of elemantary school and the little kids look up to us like giants.

A very fun part was the 4th grade book awards we found out which books got voted the winner in there topic it is fun because we did not know who won so it was a surprise.

Bye till next year adam

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I think that some areas of the world are richer than others, because of what kind of people live there, and what kind of taxes they pay. In america, the government lives mostly of the taxes of the people. While in richer countries, there are less taxes, indicating that the governments in those areas are poorer. In short, the governments depend on the people to make themselves richer.

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My academic goals

  • To get an A or B on my grade.
  • Learn more about this subject to get good at this.
  • Get more skills to prove this subject. Like writing, spelling, and reading.

My social goal

  • To recognize how the world is going on and how the world will happen in the future.

My personal goal

  • To learn more vocabularies to get good of English. And especially don’t forget my homework.


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During GCW week I went to Klongtoey kindergarten. I have learnt many things from the experience that I went there. I know more how life is difficult and different in that area people life style were walking around community because in that area things were cheaper but also different that we don’t use it. Their house were near the school they all walked to school, the kindergarten were small and narrow like five bedrooms put together. Their home was like hotel room that near each other but the flat were old and small they have to live one family in each room which I think is too small to live. In the lunch time I sat in an open area near those flat and there was a playground with old seesaw and slider which has rust I think after school those kids will be playing around there. The time that I was in the class doing activities with them I can see that they can be happy easily I just play dough with them and gave them stickers these things could make them laugh and smile for long time. I think that the kids were simple pleasure because they have always faced the hard time. It makes me learn more about life that it is true that to expect less and the happiness will come easier. In the flat all ages of kids were in the same kindergarten that they didn’t separate in room I can see the difference between age that how kids are developing.

I think a have grown up more because I have more experience about life as knowing more how people live in other part of Bangkok usually I know only around my community and around me we all have similar life style. As a result of growing I have changed that I’m more optimistic and proud to be me that I have an easy life and think that I’m lucky to well educated and live in a house that full of love and luxury, healthy that I born with full thirty two parts in my body with no diseases and now I’m expected for everything less to be a easily happy person.

This experience is similar to what I expected, I knew that their kindergarten will be in a small flat because I have seen some kind of these lifestyle in the documentary that it was about the kids having HIV living together in  a house under government control because their parents had left them. Something that was different from what I expected was the Mercy school I think this part in the community looks kind and peaceful they helped children and the place was clean and not obsolete.

The most challenging part of this course was the first day that I didn’t know what the kids were like and what they enjoyed, getting to know each other was always the most challenging part to go to new place everywhere. At first they didn’t understand us much and didn’t follow us what to do because they didn’t understand English but luckily that I could speak Thai. The most rewarding was as I know what they like to do I did what they like and later the kids love us that made me proud that I could make their time happy because I don’t know how difficult their life is at home.


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Klong Toey

I went to Klong Toey during GCW. This experience was really valuable and I learned many from this week. I learned that we can be very close friends even if we are in different generations or different gender who we can’t communicate well. I took care about five-year-old children in Klong Toey. There were totally nervous first day and they gaze away their eyes when our eyes met. But as we played together, their tension relaxed and they smiled at me when our eyes met. Our first activity was to make a name tag. We let the children to write their names on a piece of white paper and hang with string around their name. While hanging the card, I asked them

Chue a rai?” in Thai and I introduced myself in English. I was not a stranger anymore. Our next activity was painting, which I think our friendship deepened a lot. They were drawing whatever they want, such as animals, foods, flowers, TV, and so on. I was in charge of giving them palette, and other paint materials. They asked me for it, so that was my second conversations with them. Also I asked a boy how to say red apple in Thai who was drawing the apple. I drew bigger apples beside his and he drew more bigger ones after. We were friends now. I realized that art was wonderful because it was common thing that anyone in the world can understand. I understood some of his feelings looking at his arts. Also, I thought that children’s imagination was interminable that was only for genuine heart.

Musical Chair was our next activity. This made our friendship in addition deeper. I think it deepened because we cooperate and helped each other through playing musical chairs. First, we had to move all the chairs in circle. They helped us moving and they listened to our instructions. During the musical chairs, we danced in the rhythm of the background. It was really fun. I thought cooperating makes friendship deepen and this was the also things that people didn’t need to use languages.

I learned that as long as there was frame of mind in the gesture, dance, sport, art, I realize that I don’t need high level of languages to understand each other. Attitudes, face expressions, and all physical actions made me understood their feelings. This GCW was very valuable and impressed me a lot. One of the biggest things I learned in this lesson was that I could be friends with anyone in the world. I am a brand new student in ISB. I am bad at English so I am very shy talking to foreigners using English. I am scared to make funny mistakes. But this lesson told me that I could tell my feelings through anyone if I had ambitious telling. It did not need high level of Thai. So, I hope I will apply this knowledge I earned during GCW in the school and try to develop on my English skills talking to foreigners in English aggressively.


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This was my first GCW trip, and, although I simply stayed here in Bangkok, it was truly an amazing learning experience. Many would say that it’s “courageous” to be teaching a group of twenty-two, full-of-life four to five year-olds, however, doing so is definitely one of my most treasured experiences as yet. Before this trip, I had never really spent so much time with so many children of this age, and I honestly didn’t expect that I’d enjoy this trip as much I did!

Teaching and spending time with the students of Klong Toey Kindergarten was an excellent learning experience, as, not only did I discover some aspects of Thai culture and language, but I came to know more about myself as a person. I realized just how much I missed being a four to five year-old, always playing and messing around, without ever having to worry about anything at all. Initially, I thought that I’d find it problematic to handle these students, as I am a non-Thai speaker. However, I was surprised to discover that, despite not being able to verbally communicate with them effectively, I was able to connect with them quite well through understanding gestures and facial expressions. In addition, I learnt several aspects of Thai culture, such as how the students greet one another and their teachers. I was truly delighted to see how much respect they paid to their teachers and to us as well. Moreover, I have learnt several Thai expressions, such as “Chu arai?” (What is your name?), “Dee mak” (Very good), “Sue mak” (Beautiful), and “Ja gone prunee” (See you tomorrow).

As a result of this trip, I honestly feel that I have become more of a child at heart, as compared to before! Singing nursery rhymes, dancing, coloring, painting and playing around with children of this age group reminded me of when I was their age. Due to this, despite being a sixteen year-old taking the IB Diploma, I now allow myself to “fool around” more, as compared to before. Furthermore, I feel that this has had a positive effect on me, as I now feel more relaxed and cheerful from within.

Overall, this teaching experience was next to perfect. However, we did face certain challenges. The prime challenge I faced was not being able to verbally communicate with the students effectively, as I am a non-Thai speaker. This thus made it difficult for me to give instructions to the students. However, the main reason as to why I regretted not being able to speak and understand Thai was being unable to comprehend what the students talked about with one another, as I was really keen on learning what the children of this age group found to be interesting. In addition, at times, it was difficult to manage the students, as they got over-excited very easily. However, I still felt that this was not such a major issue, as they’re small children after all!

I feel that this entire experience itself was rewarding. I personally felt so alive, energized and cheerful just by being around them. I truly admired how, although the students connected with us as friends, they respected us immensely. The children of Klong Toey Kindergarten are absolutely adorable, and I would love to visit them sometime soon in the future!



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