My first week in Middle School was really busy I rarely had time in between classes.Also, there are new teachers, new classes, new rules, new friends, and of course new activities. I think that a metaphor is when you compare a thing you don’t really have a clear picture of, with a thing you are sure you now about. The way I chose my metaphor is because since we are in Bangkok and the city was busy and there are a lot of cars, that made me come up with the idea of  choosing a city as my background and the base for my metaphor. The connection of middle school with my metaphor is since  I never came  to middle school, its as if I walk into a city I never visited (except for bridge day.) Another connection, is that middle school is busy and there are a lot of people talking so that compares to cars honking their horn nosily.



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I think that the best part about grade 4 was that I was lucky to have a awesome teacher like Ms.Bellone. Ms.Bellone is so nice our class has special privelages like playing games getting homework passes. I think everybody in my class agrees.

I have made lots of friends in the time I have been here and I fit very well my class, I think that having friends is very important in life.

I think that being in 4th grade means quite a lot because next year we are 5th graders at the very top of elemantary school and the little kids look up to us like giants.

A very fun part was the 4th grade book awards we found out which books got voted the winner in there topic it is fun because we did not know who won so it was a surprise.

Bye till next year adam

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I think that some areas of the world are richer than others, because of what kind of people live there, and what kind of taxes they pay. In america, the government lives mostly of the taxes of the people. While in richer countries, there are less taxes, indicating that the governments in those areas are poorer. In short, the governments depend on the people to make themselves richer.

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My academic goals

  • To get an A or B on my grade.
  • Learn more about this subject to get good at this.
  • Get more skills to prove this subject. Like writing, spelling, and reading.

My social goal

  • To recognize how the world is going on and how the world will happen in the future.

My personal goal

  • To learn more vocabularies to get good of English. And especially don’t forget my homework.


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We’ve updated the avatar plugin so now it actually works! You can upload an image that will appear next to any comments you leave on others’ blog posts. Your avatar will also show up on the new homepage with your blog posts and your comment.

To Upload your avatar:

1. Make an image that is square and pretty small. Your avatar is a pretty small image

2. Log into your blog and nagagate to your profile

3. Next scroll to the bottom and you’ll see a place to upload your avatar image.

4. Save your changes and your avatar will start appearing across all the blogs.

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It turns out that I wasn’t done with the video. Through this, I realized that design is all about finding the optimal creative solutions to problems. Obviously, the best solution to me may not be good enough. In this industry, one’s standards are constantly challenged.

I learned that creative jobs such as this require attention to every little detail (thus the company was named Conscious). The fact that I was the only Windows user in the room was also very problematic. I had to go back and forth between my computer and an iMac and transferring the file between 2 completely different video editing platforms.

We will also have to compose our own music (designers are very conscious about intellectual copyrights), which is not at all my specialty.

The final video will be posted soon on Conscious’ Youtube account.

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Today, I was introduced to one of Conscious’ clients, SHK Group, which is a car dealer company. This is an especially difficult client; they and Conscious have been going back and forth for a long time without any productive results. Moreover, the company refuses to communicate and give proper feedback to Conscious so that they could do their job. I realized this business is not all fun as I had imagined, but there are a lot of irritating things.

Khun Wee showed me the presentation at an usual meeting with a client. Before presenting, designers at Conscious have to do careful research and come up with several different sketches. The floods have made Conscious lose quite a few clients. This job has its ups and downs.

I was assigned to creating several designs of a cartoon mascot (a lion) for SHK Group. It was a matter of mixing around with the preferred ingredients (eg. face, mane, legs, belt). I was also shown the inner workings of the company. When Conscious presents, for example, a logo, to a client, it is shown in different steps. It is actually a very scientific, step-by-step process with which designers work with their clients. Thus, they show how each variable/variation affects the final product. I learned that efficiency is another big factor in design. One of Khun Wee’s colleagues was redesigning the logo for a business, Creative Move. He was not proposing any new design; rather, he was working around with the text size, background color, text color, in order to create a more legible logo and maximize the use of the available space.

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For the Global Citizen Week(GCW), I participated in the course of Career Internship in Dow Agro Science (DAS) Thailand. During the internship, I worked as a Promoter. My job was to promote the sales of firm’s products and to build a consumer loyalty. The promoting campaigns  were scheduled specifically to the Eastern part of Thailand including Pachinburi and Chaosakshok.  Khun Oh, who is one of the chief promoters of DAS,  was our guardian and led our internship.

There were lots of ways to promote the sales such as automobile loud speaker advertisement, contact farmers’ meeting, and distributing the advertisement poster. The goods that I had to promote were pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides. When I interned, DAS already had a firm consumer loyalty that farmers at our contact meeting were very favorable to us; once, they even provided us Thai noodles (by the way,  I think I tried almost every kinds of Thai noodle during the internship. I liked them all).  The purpose of farmers’ meeting was not only to maintain the good relationship with them but also to inform them and help them about any cultivation problems. For example, farmers at the one of the regions I visited were suffering from the outbreak of Brown Plant Hoppers. Therefore, during the farmers’ meeting, we informed them how to mitigate the damage from those brown plant hoppers. Although DAS’s solution for Brown Plant Hopper is planned to come out around the year of 2014, we advised them to use other existing products that can prevent Brown Plant Hoppers. This was very impressive for me as it implies the employees of DAS were caring very much about the farmers prior to their sales. I think those kind of altruistic actions of DAS, which is CSR (corporate social responsibility), is the major factor that helped them to build such a strong bond with the farmers.

I learned priceless lessons from this internship. One of the most impressive lesson that I learned during this activity was the real farmers’ lives. Although my grandfather lives in a rural area, I haven’t had many chances to experience or observe the real farmers in country sides. From this activity, now I learned how farmers live, and further how they cultivate rice.  Also, as I interned as a promoter, I learned how to promote the goods of a firm well, and also how to build up a strong consumer loyalty.

However, there were also things that I felt lack of during the internship. The major one is the communication issue. Every people I met during the internship were very considerate and generous that I really appreciate their kindness. However, because only few of them were able to speak English, it was extremely hard for me to communicate with them. Especially during the farmers’ meeting, my major job was menial, such as distributing the posters. It could have been much better experience for me if I were able to speak Thai fluently. Nevertheless, my experience in DAS for GCW was unforgettable and I believe it will be one of my experiences that can define who I am.



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