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By Andrew K      I actually didn’t want this course to be chosen for me (It was a 3rd choice), but my 1st and 2nd choices were full. I thought I have already visited all the places when I first came to Bangkok, but it turned out to be not true. It was my first […]

By Andrew N Coming in this school as a new student I thought to myself that WWW was going be like a dull and an unexciting trip. But no, it was more than just a vacation, it was adventurous, educational, and I met many new people. I will soon find out that half the fun […]

Going to WWW at Bangkok didn’t sound like fun to me at first but I was wrong. Through out the week we visited places I’ve never been to before. I learned new things about Thailand and the reasons why people from all over the world come. We were like tourist in our own country. I […]

WWW Bangkok Adventure’s trip changed my perspective about my own country. This trip was my forth choice out of five and the truth was I didn’t expect to be in this trip. I was born in Thailand and live here for my whole life; therefore, I wasn’t excited to be in this trip. But as […]

Bangkok Adventure was my first WWW in high school. I didn’t expect much from this trip, since I was from Thailand, but I was wrong. I learnt a lot from this trip and got to see many new places I’ve never been to. As it turned out, the many of the Thais who attended this […]

The trip on WWW, Bangkok Adventure wasn’t what I had expected to be. At first, I thought that this trip would be boring and meaningless. However, after walking around Bangkok for five days and learning the history about Bangkok which I didn’t know before changed my perspective of the trip. All the activities that were […]

WWW Bangkok Adventure Reflection By: Luke Bangkok adventure is a very good trip that takes place all over Bangkok. This trip helps kids learn more about their host country and its culture. During this trip we visited many temples and we learnt about traditional cultures. We also took part in Muy Thai and a traditional […]

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