Bangkok Adventure February 2010

Reflection on Bangkok Adventure By Hae In The truth is, I have been on the same Week Without Walls trip to here, or Thailand, exactly two years before only that I was coming from Dubai back then and that I had no imagination or whatsoever that I would come back here again, to live, actually. […]

An Anecdote of Bangkok By Emilio The moment I stepped into the bus on the first day of Bangkok Adventure, I thought that this was never going to end. After the last bus stop, I thought I was going to miss this trip a lot. There were a lot of experiences that can never be […]

At Ancient City (Muang Boran)…   Selling Mango Cameron   Floating Market in Ancient City   Lord Shiva Boats   Thai Style House Top of Ancient City   Structure of Ayuddhaya At Erawan Museum…                


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