Bangkok Adventure February 2009

When i found out that im going to bangkok adventure for week without walls, i thought that im not going to have a good time. But soon i realized that bangkok adventure was actually a really awesome trip and made some new friends. It also exciting was introducing of thai culture. On day 1, we […]

In the five weeks that traveled around Bangkok, I felt as if I was participating in a tour group visiting another country. This trip was chosen as a fifth choice in my WWW registration and also the only non-communinty service choice. In this trip, the guides were good and could speak decent English. The food mostly tasted nice and the transportation was […]

The Five Days in Bangkok First off, I would like to say that the trip itself was not what I had expected. In being honest, I didn’t particularly enjoy the fact that I was part of this year’s ‘Bangkok Adventure’; I was more placed into this course without any choice. As I always do, I […]

Even though I am Thai but I was not brought up in Thailand therefore do not know Thailand as much as a normal Thai citizen do. This made me  “you are a foreigner in you home country” according to Mr. Krekel, which I believed is 100% true. However, after WWW I felt that I know […]


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