Bangkok Adventure 2012 was a great experience and I have learned many things about the cuisine, culture, and myself. First it was painfully obvious rice tends to be a main factor in most meals. I also learned that seafood is also very common along with chicken and pork in the typical cuisine. The culture is very generous and sharing. For instance most of the time when we ate we would share dishes and not just order our very own. They also kept coming back with more and more food. There were also many street venders and small stores that occupied the sidewalks and outer streets. Lastly I learned that I need to try new things more often and start to become a bit more open-minded. I also learned that Thai architecture is both beautiful, complex, and takes an imaginative and dedicated people to make. The one thing, throughout this whole week, that I am most proud of is that I ate rice at every meal. I am pretty close minded and haven’t tried rice in 7 years so I was very proud that I both tried and ate the rice without gagging or throwing up. This course was pretty much what I had expected, but with one difference. I figured we would be ordering our own food, and therefore have more than 1 option. I was wrong. By far the most challenging part of this course was the cuisine. To put it plainly I’m picky about food. All of the seafood, fish eggs, and spicy vegetable-shrimp soup just didn’t appeal to me.  Overall Bangkok adventure was a great experience. I would highly recommend this course to any people who are new to Thailand.

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