February 2012

New to Thailand? Or are you old to Thailand and know nothing about Thai culture? Well then the best thing you could do I enjoy a week of Bangkok adventure I know I did. From learning about the different projects put into practice to help the Thai people learn skills and use them to help […]

This was my first GCW and during this course I met new people. Our group went to different places around Bangkok and we all had fun trying to do  new things like making candles and jars. The places we went to had very beautiful designs on the walls, paintings, etc. The lunch was very good […]

Hi I’m Krystal Song and during the GCW week, I went of the Bangkok Adventure Trip. Through out the week we went all around Bangkok looking at both historical sites and sites that has a big meaning to Thailand. I’ve went to most places that we went in Bangkok Adventure, but when I went there […]

During this year’s GCW we visited various places around Bangkok and its surrounding locations, such as Auyudhya, and also experienced some Muay Thai training. Interesting, Warm, Fun, Sleepy, (somewhat) Disturbing, and Tasty are some of the terms that describe the trip. Over the five days of this course, I learned much about Thailand, such as […]

In the week before GCW I expected this course to be horrible since I’ve lived in Thailand all my life and I thought that this week would be the most boring week in my entire freshman year. However, as the week progressed, I began to enjoy it more and more. Through the course of this […]

Found a Bit of Light in My Days             Although I had already come to Bangkok once before and had already been to these places and learned about most of the things that they showed us during those five days, that was not the true reason as to why I had chosen this trip. What […]

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