New to Thailand? Or are you old to Thailand and know nothing about Thai culture? Well then the best thing you could do I enjoy a week of Bangkok adventure I know I did. From learning about the different projects put into practice to help the Thai people learn skills and use them to help Thailand , or the variety of scrumptious Thai foods that will blow your taste buds’ minds , or even if you just want to do it to learn so Muay Thai it is an experience that we should all experience .

The day we all learnt how to fight

Thai culture is about respect, obedience, understanding and the acceptance that life is a place where we should all enjoy who we are and where we are from. It showed me i do lack some ” Thai-ness ” which i am hoping to find as i integrate myself more with Thai culture. We can all learn that sometimes the simplest things that we overlook in our lives are what will make us happy. I was overwhelmed by the sense of community amongst Thai people no matter where we went and that is a goal i would like to achieve amongst the pupils of ISB , to make the most of my time by being active in the ISB community.

If you a newbie like me it’s fun learning it is different to the normal way of learning knowing what you can and can’t do but that does not change the fact that you learn about what is going on around and why u learn a lot about how Thai people think and how you should be acting in order to show that you are thankful and respectful. It will be and was a new experience seeing Thailand but it was great.

For all those going next year be sure to be prepared for the heat that Thailand brings it can be annoying at times and it will annoy you but all you have to do is make sure you go with a fun crowd because Bangkok adventure is a trip that is 10% knowledge, 10% understanding, 10 % listening skills and the other 70 % is the company you keep so choose wisely because it could make or break your Bangkok adventure. Yes there are loads of bus rides but who cares who doesn’t love a reason to fall asleep every now and then or even having a good laugh with some friends or best of all taking pictures of your friends sleeping so you can take them on Facebook Bangkok Adventure is the place to be so bring money for soda, a camera for memories, a cap for shade and towel to limit the sweat that will be pouring off of your head. Bangkok Adventure is not an average trip it’s different, simple and can be at times a very entertaining experience but just be prepared to have good time.

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