We traveled many places in Bangkok during the GCW week. Atudhya, Bang Pa-In, Bangsai Arts and Craft Centre, etc. We learned a lot about Thai culture. Thai structures had unique and intricate architectural style, mainly focusing on their religion; Buddhism. They had a unique religion, which associated the Animism and Buddhism. Many gods depicted in their pictures, wall paintings, and decorations had the body of animals. For example, Hanuman, the monkey king, is frequently shown in pictures, and is used as our school seal. I was shocked by their long and sophisticated myths. Gods had different relations with others and had different roles. Thai also embraced and respected other religions. The Erawan Museum had four different religions and their stories engraved in it’s four pillars. The four pillars support the three-headed elephant, in which the way up to heaven is resembled with a variety of pieces of work from antiques, priceless collections, and ancient religious artifacts.

In the Bangsai Arts and Craft Centre, we saw how traditional hand-made Thai craftwork were made. Especially, he bamboo craft was impressive. They took out the fiber from the bamboo, and weaved pots and hats with it. We also had a chance to make candles and clay dishes. I found out I really enjoyed clay work, and many Thai artisans praised my work. In many ways, the GCW Bangkok was an impressing and inspiring tour.

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