It’s my first GCW trip, Bangkok Adventure. I think it’s a wonderful experience. The most things we did were to learn the history of Thailand. For example, I knew the Ayutthaya Kingdom and the Bangkok Dynasty. This helped me know the world’s history as well, though it seemed not that old than the history of China.

The most impressive thing I think was the Muay Thai (Thai Boxing). I wasn’t interested in Muay Thai and either now. However, it was the most tired day of the five. We did some training of Muay Thai and the first time I recognized how hard this sport is. The content was all very basic one but it still made us very tired. We trained for about 3 hours under 30 degrees centigrade without air conditioning. I entirely got wet in just 10 minutes. However the coach seemed very well, so I could just go on doing it. I don’t know how long we trained for the first part, I got really tired, but I’m sure it was just a very short time for the coach. We went on training after a short two-minute break. I used to use my T-shirt to wipe sweat but this time there were no dry place anymore. I had thought of asking for a rest. But I didn’t want to lose face, especially in the group were a Korean and a Japanese. So I insisted on to the end, tired but happy as well.

There was no rain this week. The sun was shining all the day and it was really hot. We not only learned the history of Thailand, Muay Thai; visited the ancient Ayutthaya, Summer Palace and the Grand Palace; but also beat the challenge from physical and mental. It was really a wonderful week.

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