A week of exploring and discovering Bangkok was an unforgettable experience for me. We took place in different activities each day and were shown parts to Thailand that we otherwise would not have been able to see. The key part to the whole trip for me was getting to know the Thai culture. I myself come from a very different background compared to Thailand, and getting this opportunity to see such a different culture to mine was very interesting and beneficial. Learning about Thai Buddhists was the most remarkable. I saw that Buddhism included some parts from all religions and combined them to create one of its own, which I found was quite fascinating as I listened to its stories and history. In addition, having the opportunity to taste Thai food at its best and most natural place was another exciting point. I struggle to eat food that is overly spicy, however Thai food is slowly starting to change that. I am also getting used to eating pretty much everything with rice now, for which I must say I am amused.

Initially I had assumed we would spend more time simply visiting museums and getting tours, however activities such as the Muay Thai boxing and the candle making were especially enjoyable as they involved practical skills and it gave a change to the overall experience. Visiting some Holy grounds through the trip also made it more interesting for me, as I was illustrated the importance of certain cultural aspects to Thai people.

Overall, I believe by the end of this week, my respect for the Thai culture grew by a large amount along with my knowledge. Now I can say I appreciate and value its background much more than I did before. I am also happy to say that I had a lot of fun along the way and experienced an unforgettable adventure, which will stay with me for years to come.

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