GCW Bangkok Reflection

From this trip I have learned more about how Buddhism is a main part of my country and the extent knowledge about myself. From the day of visiting the Grand palace and the temple, I began to realize that our culture was very important. It was a big lead in the past as how it is today. For me it was a huge step in the knowledge of my own country, because I had very little information about the background of my country’s past. However knowing more about my country makes me know more about myself. I knew that I was a type of person who would not show any interests to history. Yet after coming back from this trip I began to like learning about Thailand’s history. This was a part of me that changed after getting to experience all of the ancient ruins and Architecture that was left behind or was made for Foreigners so that they can learn about our past. I had expected places where I might have been before, but it was the total opposite because I have never been to most of the places where we went. The Most challenging part of this trip was learning Muay Thai boxing. I think that many people would agree with my opinion. It was most challenging at times where we had to make everything perfect. I began to realize that Muay Thai is something that challenges your mental abilities as well. If you do not have a strong mind then your body will not react as tough as you might like it to. On the flip side the most rewarding part of this course was the Jim Thompson house. It was the final destination of the whole course and the food was delicious and that during the walk through the Jim Thompson house it felt quite relaxing. That was a great change to the other days because you would sweat in the hot heating weather all day. This trip has been fun and I think that it is a great trip for foreigners to learn about Thailand’s past.

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