During this GCW trip, I’ve learnt a couple of really important things, one was the loyalty that thai people have to their culture, I’ve met really nice people that now are good friends, this trip taught me how culture can affect that much to a person, I mean, that people here are so influenced by their history. I think one of the most important thing that I realized during this trip was the important of their religion, their culture and history are based, most of them, on their religion and how affected to their life is kind of amazing and inexplicable.

Another big thing that impacts me was that amount of gold and beauty that Thailand and her architecture are.

I really love to form part of that culture and to know the history of this country for a week.  I enjoyed this trip so much, I had the opportunity to knew the three times champion of Muay Thai and the chance of share the gym with great Muay Thai instructors that showed us another part of that interesting history and culture, however I feel so tired and painful after the boxing, I still like it very much.. This trip gave me a lot of good moments with people that in that moment I didn’t know but nowadays that people I can say they are really good friends.

The best thing about my trip I think it was the Muay thai, I think all of us enjoyed it so much, and we had really fun all together, pretending that we were professional muay thai boxers. I think the worst day for me was the first one, because it was really hot and all the day we were walking and visiting a lot of temples, although it was really nice to every temple, and to know a bit more about their culture.

It was different from what I expected to be, some trips were better than I expected but others were kind of different in another way, the fourth day I expected to be more complete and entertaining, but even so it was better than I expected to be.

My GCW trip taught me a lot of things, I learnt as a person and as a student, It was an experience I would never forget.  Finally and to end this great, amazing and unforgettable trip I would like to thanks everyone who made that trip fantastic, incredible and wonderful like it was.

 Thanks you guys you made this trip unforgettable.


Carolina Branson.

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