Bangkok Adventure is not a course let me understand some more part of Thai culture as it gave me opportunities to experience Thai culture in different ways, such as art, clothing, history, and so on.

Thai cultures have some parts that differentiate with those of the others. Although they are no longer the absolute power in Thailand, Thai people still respects the royal family for helping improving live national wide. For example, Bangsai Arts and Crafts Center, which is one of her majesty the queen’s projects, show ways and gives opportunities for poor farmers to make money by making and selling artifacts and crafts to the others. They also let the tourists to experience how it would be like to be there. Thai history is not very much different than other Southeast Asian countries; they had wars, invasions, good and bad kings, Hinduism and Theravada Buddhism, etc. As an effect of the Burmese invasion in the 18th Century, the precious artifacts were sold illegally to riches and foreigners. This is still carried on to these days, though the government is trying to stop the crimes. One unique point in construction is the boat-style base of building with the high corners and low middle, which is not found in many other nations. It was a common architectural technique in Ayutthaya. It still is followed by some palaces and temples. Muay-Thai, a Thai style kickboxing, was developed from war situation when one has to fight with no armors. It has quite different form than that of my country (well, I’m Korean and learnt TKD several years).

There are some things that I have learnt about myself during GCW. One is that I really do not like to be in hot places and second is that I don’t really care about whom to travel with. The last is that I grew a bit as a person and now see a bit about how things can be different than that of our perspectives.

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