Throughout the 5 days of rural Bangkok, I have acquired greater knowledge and Thailand’s history after many years of staying here. We depart to a different trip everyday learning on something that has been an important part of Thailand’s background and cultures in ancient times. During this GCW trip we went to observe ancient ruins, temples, palaces, museums, learn martial arts (Muay Thai), and many other fascinating adventures.

Even though I am not from Thailand, I have stayed here for many years but never understood the cultural heritages of Thailand. After seeing many great monuments, structures, and master pieces; I understood the meticulous work that the Thai people had to conduct to create beautiful pieces of art. It was a lot of work for those who built it but I would just stand here at modern times and admire its craftsmanship.

I rarely knew any of the Thai history so I definitely grew in this course of the trip. I think I slightly understand why all of these works of art are very crucial and valuable to the Thai people. Each tiny detail on each structure or artifact was very well detailed and must have took forever to build, and it makes me think how hard working Thai people really are.

It was a different expectation from what I was going to experience. The trip is more of an educational trip about Thailand’s ancient cultures yet everyone on the trip was interested to learn more about the ancient heritage of Thailand. What I enjoyed the most in the trip was the traditional Thai massage. Personally, I never liked massages; however just one experience changed my mind into liking them more. It helped me relax, relieved muscle pain, and improved my blood flow making me feel great overall. That’s how I grew on the trip. It changed my perception of massages. I also enjoyed learning more of Muay Thai, however I was not used to its form because of my previous experiences with different martial arts.

The Most challenging part of this course was to absorb all of the information that our guide was telling us because I was usually wandering off to see more interesting sights of where we usually are. Some students (particularly the new ones) say that the most challenging part of this course was the heat. I would have to agree with them. However I always liked Thailand’s heat.

The most rewarding spectacle of the trip was the air-conditioner rooms, buses and the ice cream and chilled drinks after the trips because it was very hot during our trips, and some students would sometimes buy cheap hats and fans to relieve themselves from the heat. Yet overall, the most rewarding spectacle was the gained knowledge of Thailand. I now understand more of Thailand between urban and rural areas, and how Thailand’s ancient heritage greatly impacted Thailand’s arts, its structures, and its people.



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